SCANDAL VIDEO EXPOSED: Cammi Tse did blowjob for Edison Chen!!!

A video of 16yrs old Cammi Tse 谢芷蕙 seen doing a blowjob for the infamous 31yrs old Edison Chen 陈冠希 was recently exposed!!! A photo of the video was recently published on the Hong Kong's magazines. In the video the lady was named TT小姐.

Is that really cammi in the video?
At a news online (4 Nov), Cammi tearfully admitted losing her virginity to Edison Chen- this statement contradicted to what she previously told media that she did not have any sexual relationship with Edison Chen.

When interviewed by Hong Kong's Suddenly Weekly, Cammi totally lost it and admitted Edison Had filmed a 2 minute bedroom scene of her in underwear and a uniform, but never admit to any video of them having sex.

She said that Edison wanted to film her, saying it was for his company.
"He coaxed me into filming, saying that it was for work purposes. All I can say is, it's considered an erotic film, but I had my clothes on during the entire process," the model let on.

Cammi's conflicting statements regarding her virginity also let many Netizens to question if Edison had sex with an underage girl.

According to the Hong Kong law, the age of consent is 16. Cammi turned 16 in March, before she began a relationship with Edison. Therefore, even if Edison did sleep with the model, he would not be facing any legal charges.

Is this girl in video really Cammi giving a blow for Edison?
It was suspected to be Cammi, based on her hairstyle, makeup and earrings, causing many to believe that it was the video Cammi had talked about previously too.