Sex at 16 & Watch Porn at 21 (Seem a bit wrong right...)

The latest Edison's sex photo scandal had led me to some curiousity in the age limit which I didn't really realised.

As we all know that Cammi is 16 years old and it is a legal age in Hong Kong for her to have sex with Edison Chen who is 32yrs old. So for this part Edison Chen is safe from underaged sex issue.

But the thing which I find it funny was how come in Singapore...
Legal age for sex is 16yrs old
Legal age for clubbing is 18yrs old
Legal age for watching porn is 21yrs old

I find it a bit strange...
Why the legal age for sex is 16yrs old and watching porn is 21yrs old?
-Does that mean you can only experience having sex 1st then you can watch porn?

-Or you cannot watch porn when you have sex at 16years old else you will be charge for underaged watching porn. Haha... (Hem... I didn't do that anyway...)

The age limit seem like a bit messy...

Anyway the above content, I don't encourage people to have sex at 16yrs old. You need to be responsible of what you are doing at any age. Know the consequences when you do things.

Most important have a HAPPY RELATIONSHIP!!! =)

Sorry back to Edison's scandal, the lastest news I read that Cammi purposely lost her phone so that she can use Edison Chen and other male celebrities to boost her popularity.

Previously in another scandal, Shen Chi-ming (沈志明), pictured left, was accused in August by Cammi Tse (谢芷蕙) for masturbating in front of her at his house too.

Shen Chi-ming denied it.

When Chi-ming was asked recently about Edison’s latest sex photo scandal, with the 16-year-old Cammi, Chi-ming said both he and Edison are victims and he insisted that Cammi is using male celebrities to boost her popularity.

After reading this, I felt that this could be really true.