Wa Lao Ehh!  Win Liao Lor! I'm looking down on you!
Anyone can buy Likes to win on a Instagram/ Facebook contest? 
Advertisers want more Likes so I give to them by buying lor? 
Advertisor also like Bloggers/ Instagramers who have a lot of Followers, so I also buy Followers lor?
And because it does look good to advertisor that they have a lot of followers and meaning they are very popular and they can sell themselves at a higher price, especially for BLOGGER.

Read on and I share with you what are some of the measures you can do to STOP ALL THIS FAKE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!!

It is getting a bit out of control these days.  While lot of companies/ advertisors out there are investing money on the attractive prizes on social media for participants.

There are also a group of people out there creating apps (,,,  to make money by selling a service to allow participants to buy as many Followers and Likes on facebook and instagram.And because of that, it is no longer as effective running contest on Social Media.

Initially before the cheating app was created, maybe it is effective because the participants need to spread words to their frie8nds to garner more Likes. And such method does help the advertisors to spread words. 

Now sad to say, the Followers or Likes that you saw, more than half may be just bot accounts. Does an instagram account with 10, 000 followers means that they are popular? How do you justify that they have real followers and not fake followers? Look at the likes on the photo? If they have 10,000 followers, then I would expect him to have more than 1000 likes on the photo. 

Okay, if judging from my instagram account ( for instance, I have about 2700 Followers and I have an average about 40-100 likes per photo.

If you are telling me you have 10, 000 followers on Instagram and your likes on your photo is not even 100 likes, you mean your followers are sleeping? But then again having said all that, there are Instagramers out there who buy Followers and also Likes at the same time so that people will not suspect them.

Let me tell you something,  a fake account cannot answer a question. So if you will to put that particular fake "popular instagramer" to a test, he might not be able to get his or her followers to do a comment on his photo.

How to solve this issue? 
What do I suggest to advertisers out there who still want to do contest on Instagram and Facebook?

- Don't just do a most likes contest. You can put the judging citeria as 50% on likes and 50% by judge. This is a better and fair way to everyone.

- Get people to comment in order to justify they are real accounts because fake accounts cannot do commenting.

- Or do a photo contest. For instance they can do a repost on instagram to stand a chance to win the prizes. I realised that only the real popular instagramers are able to get good result through such contest too.

Alright, I hope you have learn something on how to better run a contest on Social Media and if you still have any doubt, you can email me at and I will try my best to give solution to you.

Thank you for reading!

Good luck to those people who is buying and hope no one spot your FAKE POPULARITY!

For those who are alway honest, don't be dishearten, concentrate on getting your organic followers. Only then you will go far...



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