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Sunshine Bakeries introduces their latest innovation- the Smart-CarbTM –Low G.I. Bread!

Friday, May 27, 2016
Thinking of what to eat for breakfast?
Try Sunshine Bakeries’ latest innovation, Smart-CarbTM Low-G.I. Bread!!!
It  is the smarter choice of bread that serves up the goodness of whole-grain with beta-glucans in a low Glycemic Index (G.I.) reading that is friendly to the heart and the waistline.

Nowaday there are more and more people being health conscious and opting for a complex-carbohydrate diet. So has the increase for awareness of a healthy, nutritious, balanced, power-packed breakfast. Carbohydrates remain an important requirement for a balanced diet and eating the right type of carbohydrates are essential in a healthy diet.

The fact is that not all carbohydrates are equal. The Glycemic Index (G.I.) measures the rate at which the body breaks down carbohydrates, releases glucose into the bloodstream and raises the blood sugar levels. The index is rated on a scale of 1 to 100. The lower the G.I., the slower it takes to break down food which results in a controlled, slower release of sugar. This means that the food fuels the body longer while keeping hunger at bay.

Extensive research has shown that regular intake of low G.I. food can contribute to the lowering of blood sugar level which reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The British Journal of Nutrition (2009) suggests that simply replacing one item per meal with a lower G.I. alternative can go a long way in regulating blood sugar levels. A more recent study published in Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases also proposed the role of low G.I. diet in improving blood lipid profiles (2013).

To provide consultation in the development of Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread,
Sunshine Bakeries collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic’s Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU). The unit has been at the forefront of glycemic index research in Singapore and the region and has conducted tests on an array of food as part of their programme. Said Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran, Manager, Nutrition Research, who heads the research unit, “The GIRU serves to make G.I. information known so that the public is empowered to make healthier food choices and plan appropriate diets. The Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread, clinically tested at TP’s accredited GIRU yields a reading of 37 which qualifies it as a low-G.I. bread.” This also qualifies the bread as a Healthier Choice product, bearing HPB’s Healthier Choice Symbol for Low Glycemic Index*.
*According to Health Promotion Board, food is qualified for Healthier Choice Symbol (Low Glycemic Index) when its G.I. value falls below 55.

In addition to the Healthier Choice Symbol, the Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread also meets US Whole Grain Council’s wholegrain requirements and exceeds 21g of whole grains per serving. Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies of US Whole Grains Council said, “As of February this year, our iconic Whole Grains Stamp is approved for use on products sold in over 50 countries, an important milestone in our quest to promote whole-grain consumption. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Sunshine Bakeries which have been at the forefront of the newest advances in whole-grains in Singapore and the region. The latest Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread satisfies 43% of daily requirements for whole-grains, making it the smarter choice for anyone who desires to lead a healthier lifestyle through whole-grains.”

Sunshine’s new Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread is crafted to contain 90% whole-grain with beta-glucan that is extracted from oats. Beta-glucan is soluble dietary fibre that has shown to lower cholesterol levels (European Food Safety Authority, 2009) while exhibiting pre-biotic properties for improved gut-health and stronger immune system (Journal of Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre, 2013). The inclusion of best-in-class whole-grains and seeds, such as rye, bran, rolled-oats, flax seed and sunflower seeds, adds a dose of crunchiness and nuttiness that is pleasing to the palate. In addition, the bread is also enriched with vitamin Bs, iron and contains no trans-fat. It has also been Halal-certified.

“At Sunshine Bakeries we understand that Singapore is both a food–loving and a health-conscious society. We remain committed to our goal of serving a healthier nation through our range of tasty innovations. The new Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread is a tribute to Sunshine’s unwavering dedication to continue providing Singaporeans with delicious and healthier bread options that meet the Health Promotion Board’s recommended 2 to 3 servings of whole-grains each day,” said Dr. Andy Adhiwana, Executive Director of Auric Pacific Group Limited.

Each loaf of Sunshine Smart-CarbTM Low G.I. Bread (360g) is retailing at Recommended
Selling Price of S$3.30 and will be available at leading supermarket, hypermarket and selected convenience stores.

Ricola Launches a New, Refreshing Flavour, Tangy Berry, to Beat the Summer Heat!‏

Thursday, May 26, 2016

More reason to RICOLAAAAAA... Ricola, the leading Swiss herb drop brand, launches a new flavour, Tangy Berry, in time for summer to help refresh our throats and beat the heat wave. 

This new sugar-free herb drop, that will be on sale for a limited period only, has an enjoyable tangerine-like fruity taste, thanks to the main ingredient, Sea Buckthorn berries juice. Each herb drop also contains the refreshing and soothing benefit from Ricola’s unique 13-herb blend, invented by its founder, Emil Richterich in 1940.
"We are glad to introduce this delightful new addition to our collection of well-loved products this summer. Tangy Berry is the perfect companion for consumers of all ages to enjoy anytime, anywhere and to keep their throats refreshed and soothed during this sweltering hot season," said Ms Celeste Ong, Country Manager, SEA of Ricola Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. 

As the herb drop brand renowned for harvesting high quality ingredients naturally and directly from sources for its products, the Sea Buckthorn berries juice used in Ricola Tangy Berry is gathered when the fruit is at its optimal harvest stage. The proprietary formula of 13 herbs, namely Burnet, Cowslip, Elderberry, Horehound, Marshmallow, Lady's Mantle, Mallow, Peppermint, Plantain, Sage, Speedwell, Thyme, and Yarrow, are also cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods without any pesticides. 

Being the basis of all Ricola products, the recipe of the harmonious blend of 13 herbs still remains as a closely-guarded secret after 75 years. The continuing success of the family-owned company comes from the uncompromising quality standards in herb cultivation, harvesting, processing and manufacturing.  

Packaged in a handy pocket box, the sugar-free Ricola Tangy Berry is priced at $3.35 per box (recommended retail price) and is now available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies island-wide. Have one in your pocket today!!!

Make your dinning reservation with Quandoo today!

Thursday, May 26, 2016
Thanks Quandoo Singapore for inviting me for Quandoo's 1st Food Trail!

What is Quandoo?

Quandoo is a free reservation app whereby you get to choose from over 10,000 restaurants without hassle. Gone are the days you have to call to make your reservation to restaurants/cafes. With Quandoo, you can make reservation within seconds directly from Google Play or iTunes. The best part of this app is you will get rewarded each time you use the app.
Pick your favorite cuisine, make reservation with Quandoo and start collecting loyalty points today!

So for my food trail with Quandoo, we travelled to 4 different places in a vintage Volkwagen Kombi rides (Sponsored by Kombi Rocks).

Thanks @quandoo_sg for inviting me to their first ever Food Trail recently! It was surely a pleasure to be able to be part of this food trail going around Singapore to try out the food of different cafe/restaurant. . 🎈Stop 1) Bar-a-thym @barathymsg Appetiser: Ceviche of yellow fin tuna, apple-fennel salad, yuzu ponzu dressing ($24++) . 🎈Stop 2) Golden Peony @conradsingapore Mains: Chef Ku’s Signature Trio Platter Steamed lobster meat on egg soufflé served with fish rose ($18++) Swan pastry filled with chicken and foie gras ($9.80++) Roast Peking duck, parma ham, pineapple and crispy beancurd skin rolled with homemade crepes ($14++) . 🎈Stop 3) The Clan @theclanrestaurant Mains: Iberico Pork Jowl, smoke celeriac, jap cucumber, apple ($36++) Wagyu beef loin, Himalayan pink salt, jus ($48++) Young Lamb, yogurt mint, cous cous, ratatouille, Jus ($44++) Quail, carrot puree, spring vegetables ($40++) 44C Salmon, edamame, basil oil, fennel Jam, Sea, sea foam ($42++) . 🎈Stop 4) Laurent’s Café @laurentscafe Dessert: Exotic – coconut, passionfruit yuzu ($10.50++) Carré Braisé – strawberry & vanilla ($10.50++) Feminity – raspberry dome, milk chocolate ($10.50++) Pleasure – milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut ($10.50++) . Thanks to Kombi Rocks for the vintage Volkwagen Kombi rides. For more information on Quandoo, visit #QuandooEats #quandoo_sg #quandoo
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Our first stop, we went to Bar-a-thym and this dish you see here is the Ceviche of Yellow Fin Tuna, Yuzu-Ponzu Dressing, Apple-Fenne Salad, Black Cracker. It is really unique and full of surprise!

Our second stop, we went to Golden Peony @ Conrad Centennial Hotel and tried Chef Ku’s Signature Trio Platter!!!

•Steamed lobster meat on egg soufflé served with fish rose ($18++)
•Swan pastry filled with chicken and foie gras ($9.80++)
•Roast Peking duck, parma ham, pineapple and crispy beancurd skin rolled with homemade crepes ($14++)

The Crispy Filo Swan filled with Foie Gras is so beautiful right.

Our third stop, we went to The Clan Restaurant  (Q-Awards Most Popular Restaurant of 2015 winner). These were what we had:

•Iberico Pork Jowl, smoke celeriac, jap cucumber, apple ($36++)

Wagyu beef loin, Himalayan pink salt, jus ($48++)

 •Young Lamb, yogurt mint, cous cous, ratatouille, Jus ($44++)

•44C Salmon, edamame, basil oil, fennel Jam, Sea, sea foam ($42++)

•Quail, carrot puree, spring vegetables ($40++)

Last stop, we had a SWEET ENDING❤️ with delicious dessert at Laurent’s Café .
You need to stay tune for the launch of these dessert as they will be launching them soon. Really honored to be the first few to try before the launch!!!
  • Exotic – coconut, passionfruit yuzu ($10.50++)
  • Carré Braisé – strawberry & vanilla ($10.50++)
  • Feminity – raspberry dome, milk chocolate ($10.50++)
  • Pleasure – milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut ($10.50++)

All those places that was shown above are all on Quandoo and you can easily make your reservation through the app. Pick your favorite cuisine, make reservation with Quandoo and start collecting loyalty points today!!!


Win a $100 dining voucher courtesy of Quandoo

One lucky reader will stands a chance to win $100 dinning vouchers!!!
To qualify, readers need to simply make a reservation at any of the four participating restaurants through the following custom links below:
The promotion will end on 30 June 2016. Good luck!!!

Uncle Leong Signature- The very best of the best from of Uncle Leong Seafood!

Monday, May 23, 2016
First founded in a neighbourhood coffeeshop amidst the friendly Ang Mo Kio estate, the ever-popular Uncle Leong Seafood has now heightened into three full-fledged restaurants at PunggolJurong East, and Toa Payoh. Still keeping its modesty, Uncle Leong Seafood welcomes a daily haul of customers comprising both locals and foreigners. 
Uncle Leong Seafood is THE place to go for crabs (especially chilli crabs!). Its signature “Shimmering Sand Crab delight” has drawn a keen following since first introduced in 2002. This original Uncle Leong recipe: larger than average crab, drizzled with Uncle Leong’s signature sauce and topped with a sprinkle of oat, a combination of flavours that complement the fresh flesh perfectly. The aroma alone will leave you wanting more. 

Capturing the essence of all three outlets, Uncle Leong Signatures serve the very best of the best from their menu. They will be coming up with a few of the new creations that will be meeting the fellow people in June 2016. So now, let me bring you for a tour of Seafood delights at Uncle Leong Signatures at his new outlet at Punggol Waterway Point.

Look at the wall decorations and you should know their signatures will be the crab dishes. I like their roomy dining areas. It's suitable for big groups and families.

Do try out their homemade lime juice and chrysanthemum tea. So refreshing.

Twin Taste Kai Lan - S$15.90 
Recommended by the chef. Get to enjoy 2 different cooking methods of the Kai Lan at the price of one. One side is with poached Kai Lan topped with fried garlic and the other side will be deep fried Kai Lan topped with meat floss.

Pan Fried Prawns In Tomato Soya Sauce - S$19.90
This is one of the new dish that is coming your way in June 2016. A taste of home-cook flavour. Love the sauce, finger-licking good.

Treasure Box Beancurd - S$16.90
An innovative dish. Very thoughtful and is easy to eat. The chef dug a hole in the center of the deep fried beancurd to stuff small pieces of seafood in the hole. People could taste the seafood as well the beancurd together at once.

Nescafe Pork Ribs - S$16.90
A unique take on the pork ribs dish with a savoury coffee kick. The pork ribs were marinated for at least 4 hours with a special blend and stewed with aluminum foils to keep the intensity of the flavour.

Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby - S$48.00
I love crispy fried fish. It's crispy on the outer but the meat is soft and juicy. Eat it with their special sauce will be even better. 

Cereal Chicken - S$16.90
You definitely have tried cereal prawn but probably not the chicken. I think kids will love this. Topped with home made mayonnaise sauce and deep fried cereal, its so appetizing. 

XO Sauce With Scallops - S$19.90
This is one of my favourite!!! Fresh scallops stirred fried with assorted vegetables and XO sauce. A toothsome dish i must say. 

Chilli Crab - S$70.00
Another of my favourite!!! And yes, is none other than the Chilli Crab. Sauce is spicy with a taste of sweetness that brings out the flavour of the crab.

You shouldn't just taste the crab. Order their Man Tou S$0.50/pc and dip it in the sauce. Its heavenly good. 

Fried Garlic Cheesy Crab - S$70.00
If you are a fan of garlic you will love this. Extremely flavourful.

Look at that huge crab pincer!! It is so yummy!!

A full view of the food we had. Such an scrumptious meal. Yum Yum..!!!

Father’s Day Promotion

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a hearty feast at Uncle Leong Signatures with two available menus to choose from, both capturing the essence of the revamped menu to indulge Dads and the family!

Uncle Leong Signatures is coming out with two Hero menus! 

Feasting with our Hero, Dad 
This menu will include the Fried Garlic Cheesy Crab, Crab Shark Fin Soup, Indonesian Fried Marble Goby, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Nescafe Pork Ribs, Fragrance Seafood Fried Rice and Longan Sea Coconut. 

Priced at $338++ for up to 7pax.


Indulge yourself, Dad, our HERO!
This menu includes our signature Chilli Crab, Butter Cheesy Crab, Dried Scallops Crab Shark Fin Soup, Hong Kong Steamed Red Garoupa, Twin Taste Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Chicken, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Crab Meat Fragrance Fried Rice and Yam Paste. 

Price at $588++ for up to 10pax.


Last but definitely, the The Grand Hero Spread! will include the Shimmering Sand Crab, Signature Curry Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Braised Abalone with Mushroom, Red Garoupa with Steamed Chye Poh, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Chicken, Twin Taste Kai Lan, Guinness Pork Ribs, XO Sauce Assorted Clams and Yam Paste. 

Priced at $888++ for up to 14pax.


Uncle Leong Signatures
83 Punggol Central #B1-21 Waterway Point East Wing, Singapore 828761

INSTAGRAM: @uncleleongsignatures 
IG HASHTAG: #uncleleongsignatures
FACEBOOK: @uncleleongsignatures
CALL: +65 6385 9989

Staycation at Studio M Hotel

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Finally got the chance to stay in Studio M Hotel- Singapore’s first fully loft-inspired hotel. 
For hip and savvy guests with a taste for stylish comfort and to redefine the art of travel, Studio M Hotel is definitely the hotel you are looking for.
Studio M was also crowned for AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards for Best Boutique Hotel in 2014 & 15. It is well located in the iconic entertainment precinct of Robertson Quay and within reach of Chinatown as well as the Central Business District.
Designed by Italian style maestro and architect, Piero Lissoni, Studio M Hotel offers innovative accommodation with contemporary living spaces in which to work, rest and play in the heart of the city for a new generation of travellers.

Loft-inspired Guest Rooms
Ranging from Studios to Moonlight lofts, each of the 360 designer rooms feature a mezzanine level that combines style and functionality with comfy living areas. Guests can step into the comfort of the urban-inspired and stylish rooms with 3m high ceiling and sleek amenities including hotel-wide WIFI connectivity, separate work and rest areas.
Executive Loft
Located at the corner on each level, Executive Lofts offer absolute privacy with a certain sense of lifestyle. Its hallmark features included exceptional full 3-metre height bay windows with panoramic views of the city skyline and unique privileges to enjoy throughout your stay at Studio M Hotel Singapore.
Lifestyle Elements
Studio M Hotel also boasts lifestyle elements throughout its public areas including a dedicated open-air tropical deck complete with reflection pools, a signature 25-metre lap pool and an open-air (naturally ventilated) gym. The spaces allow both privacy and accessibility in comfortable, chic environment. The three cabanas offer a unique space for business meetings in a casual setting.
Dining Options For Your Selection
MeMO – Level 1 Located at the ground level, MeMo is a cosy place to meet and chatter, both during or after work. Guests can grab a coffee or relax with a drink over ready-prepared quick bites and food.  The self-help concept caters to the independent and people on-the-go. When the lights turn low, the busy deli excitement of the day changes its mood with chill tunes and the bar brings the concept to life that encourages socializing and is the ideal place for people-mingling.
Alfresco Breakfast Deck – Level 2 Experience modern lifestyle at its finest with elegantly designed bamboo-themed located at Level 2. Guests can start off their early morning in an oasis of simple indulgences of breakfast. The intercontinental buffet breakfast is served daily from 6.30am to 10.30am.
Stone-throw from a Myriad of Dining and Entertainment
Set within the bustling entertainment precinct of Robertson Quay and minutes away from the Central Business District (CBD) and renowned Orchard Road, Studio M Hotel is just a stone-throw from a myriad of dining and entertainment attractions. 
 Diverse range of amenities and services.
•Hotel-wide Wi-Fi access
•Complimentary shuttle service are also available with pick-up and drop-off services at prominent attractions including Paragon Shopping Centre at Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut MRT and Chinatown Point.
•Concierge service
•Courier and mailing
•Daily local newspapers
•Housekeeping service
•Laundry, pressing and dry cleaning
•Parking Facilities
•Room service
•Travel and tour reservations
•24-hour foreign currency exchange
•Guests can be spoilt for choice with great dining deals, privileges and discounts when they present their room key at the participating dining and entertainment spots.
Children's Concierge
At Studio M Hotel, we strive to create memories that last. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. When the little ones get restless or seek a moment or two of magic and delight, simply Ask Alfred! Ask Alfred is our in-house concierge service specially catered for the young, as well as the young at heart!
Go on, let them have the cake and eat it. When you see the smile on their faces, you know it’s worth it. Be welcomed with an ice cream treat, teddy bear and other surprises at only SGD22+ per child.
Ask Alfred!
•Ice Cream
•Specialised Kids' amenities including Children's Bathrobe and Room Slippers, Organic Shampoo Sachets and a Toothbrush
•Exclusive limited edition Hamleys teddy bear plushie
•Special Ask Alfred Guide for parents (handy travel tips, info on kid’s attractions, children’s activities, and etc.)
•15% off all participating food and beverage outlets at Studio M
Include the Ask Alfred option when booking online, or call our central reservations team to have these make your online reservation, or call our central reservations at +65 6735 7575.
This was the Studio Loft which I stayed for 2D1N!
Double the fun and double the function with their quintessential duplex Studio Lofts.
At 22 sqm, it's the perfect space for work and rest while enveloping you in comfort and privacy.
Flow with your industrious streak at the thoughtfully designed work space tucked away on your very own mezzanine, and then get away from it all on your cosy queen bed on a whole different level.
In-room amenities
 •Cosy queen bed on lower level
 •Study area with full-length work desk and sofa bed on mezzanine
 •Multi-functional vanity area, separate shower and WC; hair dryer
 •In-room safe
 •Coffee/tea making facilities
 •Scheduled shuttle services (business districts or Orchard Road)
 •Cable news, movies, sports, music channels
 •Hotel-wide Broadband and Wi-Fi
 •2 bottled water (replenished daily)
 •Unlimited local calls (to land lines only)
Check-in: 1400 hr
 Check out: 1200hr
Child Safety Advice :
Guest room is recommended for families with children aged 12 and above. Children aged 12 and below are welcome but should be supervised and accompanied by an adult in all Hotel premises at all times.
Fresh fruits, coffee/tea making facilities, your wash up need.
Shower room

Shampoo, Conditioner & Body wash.

2nd Deck
There is a table for you to do your work and a sofa bed.
If you have guests, they can actually rest on 2nd deck.
The view from my room
 Sports And Leisure
Computer for hotel guest to use
Open-air concept gym.
25-metre lap pool


Complimentary breakfast for 2
Rise and shine! My hearty breakfast!!!

After breakfast, feel good to get back to the cosy room and hop onto the bed with a cup of warm coffee and have some magazine reading.
Look no further, Studio M Hotel is definitely a place for a perfect escapade. 
For more info, visit


"Launch Party Under The Stars" - an exclusive Club Marriott experience like no other

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Thanks Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for having me at "Launch Party Under The Stars" - an exclusive Club Marriott experience like no other! 

I'm happy that Club Marriott recently launched a new and better membership programme, designed around members’ passions and preferences to create brilliant experiences to cherish for a lifetime – a testament of how important members are to them.

Discover a scintillating world of exclusive benefits and indulgences at not one but over 100 participating hotels in the Asia Pacific, complete with exemplary service and monthly promotions. Whether you are looking for the ideal venue to bask in style during your in prompt staycation, an award-winning restaurant to wine and dine, or a place to spend time with family, the Club Marriott membership programme is the definitive card for brilliant lifestyle experiences.
Members now have more reasons to dine at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel with these exclusive privileges.

🎈Annual membership fee: $428🎈
• Four $50 cash certificates, for use at any participating restaurant (member benefits may be applied in conjunction with voucher benefits) 
•One complimentary bottle of house wine or cake certificate (minimum two diners dining-in)
• Two 50% off total food bill certificate, valid at Marriott Cafe and Wan Hao Chinese restaurant for four to 10 adults only
• Four 50% off Best Available Room rate accommodation certificates – valid for a Deluxe Room weekend (Fridays-Sundays) stay at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 
• 30% off total Food and Beverage bill for up to 24 persons when dining at all participating restaurants
• 20% off on whole cakes and 10% off on selected pastries and deli items from Java+
• 15% off English Afternoon High Tea consumed at Lobby Lounge
• 10% off total Food and Beverage bill at Ginza Sushi-Ichi Japanese Restaurant
• A complimentary bottle of house wine as an exclusive birthday special when dining in participating restaurants during member’s birthday month
• A complimentary serving of ice-cream for children accompanied by a membership card holder
•(maximum three children per table) when dining at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Check out what were served during the party!!!

 Poached Egg "Parisi", White Asparagus, Parma Ham, Hollandaise Sauce

Baccala Mantecato- Cod Fish Mousse, Polenta, Chives, Toasted Squid Ink Brioche

Beetroot Gnocchi, Porcini Mushrooms, Burrata

Open Raviolo, Duck Ragout, Tomato Confit, Black Truffle

Breaded Crusted Lamb Loin, Smoked Pumpkin Puree, Tempura Zucchini Flower, Honey Balsamic Jus

Papillote of Salmon Fillet, Kipfler Potatoes, Mediterranean Sauce

Villa Mongalli Montefalco Rsso Le Grazie DOC 2008 Magnum

We had wine pairing with every course. The wine tasted great!

Chestnut Panna Cotta, Apricot Salsa, Strawberries

Tiramisu, Savoiardi Biscuit, Mascarpone Cream, Coffee

 With Club Marriott 2.0‏, there are definitely more reasons for toasting!!! CHEERS!!!

Thank you Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for such a wonderful dinner and experience!!!

For more info about the membership, visit today.

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