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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thanks Golden Village and Barco for the invitation to the launch of Auro 11.1 Sound System and exclusive preview of Jack Neo’s latest Chinese New Year movie, Long Long Time Ago produced in Auro 11.1. The Auro 11.1 is a breakthrough technology that uses a three-layer approach in the delivery of sound. You will be surrounded by audio from three axes (width, depth, height), which will produce a stunning, impactful experience. Sounds will come from all around and above, resulting in the most true-to-life reproduction of movie audio.The Auro 11.1 is definitely next generation sound system. Golden Village is the first cinema exhibitor to launch it in Singapore.

Says Mr Sebastian Fong, Manager, Projection Management, Golden Village Multiplex, “Visualisation has grown tremendously in recent years. On the other hand, the evolution of audio technology has been at a gradual pace. This makes Auro 11.1 by Barco a monumental evolution in the history of cinema audio technology. We understand that 50% of the movie experience relies on pitch-perfect audio, which makes it most gratifying for us to be the first cinema operator to launch Auro 11.1 in Singapore”

Thanks to its unique mezzanine layer located between the standard surround and overhead speakers, Auro 11.1 by Barco provides a much better spread of sound in the vertical axis which delivers a natural representation of 3D sound all around the listener using fewer channels than other immersive sound systems. 

The benefits of using Auro 11.1 have encouraged Hollywood producers and others from around the world to release more than 125 films that leveraged on the new technology. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, has praised Auro 11.1 for offering the best cinematic experience to movie patrons.  DreamWorks Animation’s latest film, Kung Fu Panda 3, is currently playing in theatres in Auro 11.1 by Barco. 

Says Mr Eddie Tan, General Manager, South East Asia Entertainment for Barco: “Auro 11.1 by Barco is the apex of cinema audio. Every boom, swoop and whisper will be fully experienced, making your movie experience the ultimate adventure. Auro 11.1 gives film fans the biggest reason to watch movies within the theatres and not in the confines of their homes. We thank
Golden Village for this partnership and for launching Auro 11.1 in Singapore.”

Check out this video to understand better:

For more information on how you can experience Auro 11.1 by Barco at Golden Village Suntec City, please refer to  
For more information on Auro 11.1 by Barco, please refer to

Saturday, February 06, 2016


Chingay, the largest street performance and float parade in Asia is back to wow Singapore on 19 & 20 February at F1 Pit Building this year! 

With vibrant floats, dancing dragons, prancing lions, stilt walkers, wushu masters, performers of different races in their traditional costumes and many, many more... This yearly street parade has truly become a uniquely Singaporean tradition that we look forward to every Lunar New Year. 
Whether you have joined Chingay as a spectator, watch it from home with your family, or even joined as a performer, Chingay is definitely no stranger to Singaporeans. However, how much do we know about Chingay? Have you ever wondered what does the word Chingay actually means? 
Chingay is actually equivalent to the Mandarin word ‘Zhuang Yi’ (妆艺), which means "the art of costume and masquerade" in the Hokkien dialect. You might also be surprise to know that Chingay was first mooted by the then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who was also the chairman of the People's Association (PA) to compensate for the ban on firecrackers, a customary New Year practice to drive away evil spirits with its noise and gaiety.  

 [Photo taken at Chingay 2015]

“Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore” 智 慧 灯 海, 璀 璨 新 加 坡
The official theme for Chingay Parade 2016 is “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore” As the theme suggests, Chingay 2016 will be the brightest ever with the biggest full-scale illuminated show. The theme is also inspired by the legacy of our Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and the values embodied by our Pioneers such as Racial Harmony and Social Cohesion, Caring Community, Resilience as a Nation, Can-Do Singapore Spirit and Uphold high moral values. 

A) Lights Of Legacy 
Chingay 2016 represents our first step towards SG100 after our milestone SG50 celebrations where Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate core values important to Singapore. Together we celebrate these values that have transformed us from a fishing village into a modern metropolis and bring us forward into the future with confidence.

1. Celebrating Racial and Religious Harmony
During the segment called “Because We Are Different, We Are One”, we got to see for the first time in Chingay’s history, an item presented by the lnter-Religious Organisation (IRO) and their collaboration with 30 religious groups. 
We will also see various Special Effects Dragons including the “Lighted LED Flying Dragon” and Multi-cultural performances – Chinese, Malay and Indian Cultural performances. 
Meet Sunita Raj, 43, who will be participating in the Indian contingent this year. This is her 4th time joining Chingay and she has even roped in her non-Indian friends Esther, Mia, Azhari and Remo to join the Indian Contingent for the segment’s Indian dance Performance. Sunita appreciates the efforts by her friends as they come for night trainings despite long days at work. The cross cultural experience is especially enriching for all her Chinese and Malay friends taking part in the Indian contingent this year. They have also made many new friends from various dialect groups and races, and will continue to stay connected after Chingay. 

“I am happy to share about the history of my culture with my friends of the different races as they learn our dance and wear our Indian costumes. I also got to understand their culture and religions through our interaction. This helped to strengthen our inter-racial understanding and respect for each other’s cultures and traditions,” said Sunita. 

Alicia Chan, 7, will also be performing in the Indian Dance performance at Chingay 2016 with her friends! She first started off learning ballet at Toa Payoh South CC. But, the dance steps, music, costumes and accessories of the Indian dance class next door caught her eyes (and ears!). 
She soon switched over and got to know many Indian friends who further fanned her interest in the Indian culture. This is her first time at Chingay and she is proud to be a part of the action with her friends!


This segment also takes on a special meaning as the racial and religious harmony Singaporeans enjoy today was forged through trials of fire. It is something we must never take for granted.   

2. Caring for the less fortunate
From performers to spectators, here at Chingay we celebrate as one where age, race, language and creed are no barriers. Amidst the celebration, it is also important that we remember those who are less fortunate than us. 
To keep Chingay an inclusive event, PA will be inviting 5,500 beneficiaries from Voluntary Welfare Organisations and their caregivers to the Parade. Thanks to the support and sponsorship from many individuals and corporations.

3. Caring for our environment 
One of the key highlights that you will not miss out at Chingay 2016 is the 8,000 ‘Sky Lanterns’ which will be used as performance props to light up the evening. Each spectator will also be given hand-held light bulb. 
These lanterns will be reused and exhibited at the PAssionArts Festival 2016 and community events such as National Day Celebrations after Chingay 2016. After that, they will be handed over to a recycling firm approved by NEA to be responsibly recycled. The proceeds from the recycling will go towards charity.

4. Coming together as one united community
Chingay Parade could well be a treasured glimpse into the different cultures of Singapore and it is the people like you and me that play a part in building a cohesive and harmonious society that we live in today. Through the segment “United and Vibrant Community”, we are able to see performances put up by communities from diverse background, showcasing the vibrancy of our community through various performing arts and dance genres. 

Participating in Chingay for the 4th consecutive year is a loving couple Mr Vincent Yong (72) and his wife, Jenny Wong (65). Their passion in dancing started since 2007 and they have been practising regularly with their interest group members during their free time. From Cha-Cha to Line Dance and now Waltz, Jenny shares that joining Chingay has been a very satisfying experience as they are able to showcase their passion and skills through the different dance genres at Chingay. Participating in Chingay has also allowed them to get to make new friends beyond their interest groups and neighbourhood, and spend time together. This year, the couple will be performing Waltz together; do keep a look out for them! 

Chingay has also evolved to be more than just a local event but an event that garner international interests as well. With 14 international groups from 9 countries participating in Chingay this year, you will also get to experience the dynamism of different cultures beyond Singapore. 

B) Brighter Singapore – Confidence in our future 
As we look back at the values that have made us uniquely Singaporean, we can also look to the future with confidence.  

1. Biggest Full-Scale Illuminated Performance at Chingay
This is best represented by the parade’s Opening act “Voyage SG 100” and the Finale item “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”, which will be an illuminated performance involving 3,000 Singaporeans, of which 800 are youths.  Their performance symbolises a youth-led nation for the next 50 years and signifies that our progress so far can only be sustained if we are a caring community, where no one is left behind.

We also caught up with Vinny Lai, 17, a first-time participant at this year’s Chingay. She’s a part of the PAYM contingent and shares that she is very excited about this year’s parade.


“Every year, I look forward to Chingay as there is always something new – from the costumes, performances to the theme. This year, the audience can look forward to the biggest full scale illuminated show in Chingay history, which I am elated to be a part of and a 50-metre tall sky stage, which will feature aerial performances. While training for the performance, I am also reminded of our nation’s values, which I must uphold as Singapore heads towards the next 50 years.”

2. Community Engagement
Members of the public also got the chance to contribute to a “brighter” Singapore in the four-month lead up to Chingay. More than 50,000 youths from schools and youth groups have been participating in two Community Engagement Programmes:

a. Hopes & wishes for the future 
200,000 Singaporeans from all walks of life will be customising 8,000 ‘Sky Lanterns’ with their hopes and wishes for the future.  They will add illustrations and signatures that pledge support towards our shared values.  The Sky Lanterns will be presented as part of the Parade Finale and at the Chingay Night Fiesta.


b. Youths paint their ideal Singapore in 2065
2,500 lighted cubes are being painted by 50,000 young children and youths that represent their ideal Singapore in 2065.  Friends and family members will add their signatures to these paintings as a show of support for the youths’ aspirations for the future of Singapore. 


Ticketing Price



Pre-Parade Segment
Half Lane Audience cum Performers
1,500 tambourine performers
Showcase at pre-parade and
Support in various segments

Segment One – Grand Opening 
Launch of Parade with “Brighter Singapore Float” and performers 
Voyage SG100
360m lighted opening (across 3 Sectors)
800 youth performers from PA Youth Movement, in LED Costume & Props
Complemented by Sky Stage Show
Kick start the parade as we begin the voyage towards SG100 

Segment Two
Because We are Different, We are One
Various Special Effects Dragons including the “Lighted LED Flying Dragon” from Xi’an (China)
Multi-cultural performances – Chinese, Malay and Indian Cultural performances
Inter-religious groups coming together to perform as a harmonious community

Segment Three
Friends All Over the World
Presentation by various international groups such as:
- The Japanese Association Singapore (JAS)
- Si Hai Meng Xun (丝海梦寻) from China
- Indonesia
- Russia 
- South Korea and Vietnam

Segment Four
A Vibrant and United Community
Performances by communities from diverse backgrounds
Travelling Dance contingent showcasing various performing arts & dance genres
Local Circus Acts

Segment Five – Grand Finale 
Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore
Act 1 – Light (智慧灯海)
Celebrate the Wisdom & Legacy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew by 800 youth performers using different lighted props

ACT 2 – Voyage SG100
Uniting Singapore as One People as the nation moves towards SG100


5 things you must know about Chingay 2016 

1. Chingay 2016 Theme 

Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore
智慧灯海, 璀璨新加坡
The 44th Chingay parade marks the ‘beginning of our new chapter to SG100’.  
Celebrate the legacy and wisdom of founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and our Founding Fathers based on the core values advocated by them
Pledge our support to live by these values and move forward together towards a better and brighter Singapore

2. A people’s parade where we come together to celebrate!

8,000 performers from 150 organisations
14 international groups from 9 countries 
Supported by 2,000 parade volunteers from schools and associations 
About 160,000 audiences for two parade nights 

3. The brightest Chingay ever with 11 Chingay floats and 50 parade contingents to look out for! 
A full-scale illuminated show with more than 8,000 lanterns shaped like light-bulbs illuminating sky 
25,000 spectators each night will be given handheld light bulbs
66m-long LED-lighted “flying” dragon
Watch 800 youth performers in LED Costume & Props
Sky Stage with a huge LED lighted outline boat structure as a Drum Stage
The first Chingay to introduce a joint performance by 30 religious organisations and groups led by the Inter-Religious Organisations Singapore (IRO)
Aerial performances
Travelling Dance contingent put up by communities from diverse background, showcasing a vibrant community and various performing arts and dance genres

4. Participate in the Community Engagement Programme (CEP) 
In the four-month lead up to Chingay, More than 50,000 youths from schools and youth groups have been participating in two CEPs. 
Lights of Legacy
Brighter Singapore

5. Miss out on Chingay 2016? Catch Chingay  Night Fiesta and Chingay @ Heartlands
The month-long celebration will consist of the Main Parade at the F1 Pit Building and Heartlands Celebrations from February to March 2016. 
Chingay Night Fiesta,
21 Feb, Saturday, 6.30pm, Bishan-AMK Park (14th day of Lunar New Year)


Win Tickets To Chingay 2016!
We will be giving away tickets to Chingay 2016 on PAFrenz facebook & Instagram!  
Follow us and participate in our weekly contests leading up to Chingay 2016 to win! 

For more information on Chingay Parade 2016, please visit or visit PAFrenz Facebook and @PAFrenz Instagram for the latest updates. 


Friday, February 05, 2016

With the trend of many Chinese restaurants flanking their fanciful decor and modern twists to their dishes, the famous Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant prefers to keep its old school charm. And it’s no wonder, that this restaurant prefers to greet its diners with traditional wooden sign board paired with Chinese new year greetings on its side. A nostalgic and rare find in Singapore.

Ever wondered how Poon Choy came to Singapore? Famous for this lunar new year delicacy, Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine owner and Platinum Award Chef Julian Tam Kwok Fai is the one who first brought in Poon Choy to Singapore from Hong Kong and even made it an everyday enjoyable dish.

For many who have tried, they have agreed that Wo Peng Poon Choy is the unami bomb. The long hours of stewing and steaming leaves the 13 premium ingredients a slippery succulent bite. In this treasure chest of a huge bowl, enjoy moments of discovering the different ingredients, the lower layer ingredients used to bring out the flavour of the top layer. Poon Choy at its best.

Many variations of Yu Sheng this year due to the raw fish scare, and Wo Peng Yu Sheng comes with crispy, flavoursome, freshly fried and addictive deep fried fish skin. If you know anyone else who does it better, let us know. The restaurant also uses vegetarian salmon, which is so uncannily similar to the real thing. Great job!

Nourishing and nostalgic, a bowl of good soup can warm up your heart. Soup is a deep tradition in Chinese cuisine, usually double boiled in 'slow fire'. At Wo Peng, the Double-boiled Whole Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous and Ginseng Soup is more like a huge pot of secret herbal elixirs! Open up the chicken and found treasures like black garlic and ginseng. The staff recommended to take the stuffed glutinous rice together with the soup and what a clever way! The grains of rice soaked in the ‘slow fire’ soup was a total melt in the mouth! Come discover what else are in this treasure of wealth!

This is a very interesting ingredient! Peach resin, also known as “peach blossom tears” is peach tree’s secretion of resin or amber-coloured gum. It is a common Chinese “medicinal” ingredient said to be rich in amino acids and lots of collagen. So happy to see many brown spots on the egg white as these are the beautifying peach resin!

Duck is a well-known dish in Chinese culture that has been considered one of the most delicious dishes all over the world. At Wo Peng, we have the best of both worlds: the duck is Smoked and Roasted Duck with Camphor and Tea Leaves.

Soft yet chewy sticky rice with lovely bits of dried shrimps, mushrooms and assorted chinese sausages. Sounds like a lovely mouthful, doesn't it?

Sounds like so much good food! The dessert is also a nostalgic one, a little sweet and very chewy. It was good to know that Wo Peng uses coconut milk for that extra flavour in this well-liked dessert.

Wo Peng CNY dine in set menus
From $368/6 pax and $598/10 pax.

Poon Choy for Take Out

Option A: $228 for 5 pax (Usual Price $298)
FREE $48 Yu Sheng with payment made by 31 Jan 2016
FREE treasure pot
Like and Repost promotion on IG/FB


Option B: $428 for 10 pax (Usual Price $568)
FREE $68 Yu Sheng with payment made by 31 Jan 2016
FREE treasure pot
Like and Repost promotion on IG/FB

CNY Set Menu for Take Out (FREE TREASURE POT!)

Option C: $298 for 5 pax includes four dishes:
1 Wo Peng Poon Choy Braised Australian Abalone w/ Dried Assorted Seafood in Casserole
2 Prosperity Crispy Fish Skin, Vegetarian Salmon Yu Sheng
3 Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice w/ Assorted Chinese Sausages
4 Deep-Fried Red Bean Pan Cake


Option D: $528 for 10 pax includes four dishes:

1 Wo Peng Poon Choy Braised Australian Abalone w/ Dried Assorted Seafood in Casserole
2 Prosperity Crispy Fish Skin, Vegetarian Salmon Yu Sheng
3 Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice w/ Assorted Chinese Sausages
4 Deep-Fried Red Bean Pan Cake

For daily dine in reservation:

Furama City Centre Hotel (6533-2282)
My Village,Serangoon Gardens (6634-7666)
CNY Menu: CNY Menu: CNY Menu:

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Valentine's Day is just few weeks away!
What surprise have you planned for your loved one?
Bring her for a romantic candlelight dinner?
A staycation at a cozy hotel?
Bring her for a short getaway?
Don't forget to surprise her with a bouquet!

These bouquets made with Ferrero Rochers and handmade foam rose from Rocher Creations are so cute!!! Buy one for the one you care and love! .

To order: Simply SMS 96860495 with the following detail.
1) Your Name
2) Your Order
3) Self collect or delivery
4) When collect or deliver?

For delivery, there will be an extra $25.
Self collection is available at Blk 514 Serangoon Nth Ave 4 S550514.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and elemen 元素 is ringing in the Year of the Monkey with their Prosperity Black Truffle Yu Sheng 元素黑松露七彩捞生 (Available for dine-in & takeaway) and meat-free 8-course Abundance Menu.

Using fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, drizzled with special plum sauce, the Prosperity Black Truffle Yu Sheng definitely is a premium healthy salad for "Lo Hei" and to start your feast with.

Why do people eat Yusheng during CNY?

Yusheng is an auspicious dish and symbolise abundance of wealth, long life and prosperity. Some would consume it on Renri, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, although in practice it may be eaten on any convenient day during Chinese New Year (1st to 15th Day). The base ingredients are first served. The leader amongst the diners or the restaurant server proceeds to add ingredients the crackers, sesame seed and the sauces while saying "auspicious wishes" (吉祥话 or Jíxiáng Huà) as each ingredient is added, typically related to the specific ingredient being added. All diners at the table then stand up and on cue, proceed to toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopsticks while saying various "auspicious wishes" out loud, or simply "撈起, 撈起".

I usually do not pour all the plum sauce in, because I prefer less sweet. But the plum sauce was really nice and i decided to add more even after tossing!

This Prosperity Black Truffle Yu Sheng is available for dine-in and takeaway at both Millenia Walk and Thomson Plaza outlet, from 6 Feb to 22 Feb 2016.

8-course Abundance Menu featuring the "black diamond" - Truffles

If you are looking for a meat-free CNY dinning place, elemen 元素 will definitely be a good choice for you! Because this lunar new year, they are offering a 8-course Abundance Menu featuring the "black diamond" - Truffles! It is only $88.80++ for 2 pax and $168.80++ for 4 pax.

Menu 菜单
-Prosperity Black Truffle Yu Sheng 元素黑松露七彩捞生
-Tomato Bisque with Black Truffle in Bamboo Tube 竹筒番茄忌廉汤
-Fa Cai Edamame Tofu with Mountain Yam 发菜豆腐拌铁棍山药
-Wild Bamboo Fungus with Asparagus 野生竹笙扒露笋
-Fresh Fruits Satay Skewer 鲜果沙爹串
-Wild Rice in Lotus Leaf 野米荷叶饭
-Double-boiled Lemongrass with Peach Gum 香茅炖桃树胶银耳
-Sparkling Honey Yuzu 柚子蜜特调

Available all-day from 6 February to 14 February 2016 at elemen @ Millenia Walk and Thomson Plaza outlet. Reserve for a sumptuous yet guilt-free meal with your loved ones now!

About elemen 元素

elemen 元素 offers a wholesome meat-free dining experience that benefits your health without compromising the earth’s sustainability.

ELEMEN @ Millenia Walk 
LOCATION: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-75A/76 Millenia Walk Singapore 039596 
TELEPHONE: +65 6238 0511

ELEMEN @ Thomson Plaza
 LOCATION: 301 Upper Thomson Road, #01-113 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408 
TELEPHONE: +65 6452 0351

Operating Hours
Mon-Sun: 11:30 am - 4:00 pm 
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Offering the groundbreaking new NMD Runner silhouette in a striking disruptive graphic for SS16, adidas Originals presents the NMD_R1 January release. The shoe blends the progressive design of the NMD Runner with adidas Originals’ most forward-thinking technical elements, constructing the upper from lightweight Primeknit textile in an all-over noise graphic with welded tape structural overlays, finished with tonal three-stripes atop the shoe’s distinctive midsole with EVA inserts. Offered in a textured grey colourway, it’s a release that brings the NMD_R1 silhouette to the pinnacle of style with substance.

The NMD retails at S$299 and is available from 30th January 2016 at adidas Originals stores (Pacific Plaza, Bugis+), Limited EDT stores (313@Somerset, Marina Bay Sands), Pedder on Scotts, and Tangs at Orchard.

For more information, please visit
or adidas’ social channels on: Facebook:
As the Year of the Monkey draws near, this grand dame on Scotts Road welcomes all to feast joyously on its 2016 range of sweet and savoury delights that will make a much-awaited comeback. The Chinese culinary teams have also created new ‘Yu Sheng’ platters – Crispy Salmon Skin ‘Lo Hei’, Fruity ‘Lo Hei’ with Bacon and White Truffle Oil and Crispy Silver Bait Fish with Mock Tuna ‘Lo Hei’ – that are great for those who prefer to enjoy their ‘Yu Sheng’ without raw fish.

The talented pastry team has crafted a gorgeous collection of Lunar New Year Goodies that includes the Auspicious Blessings and Wealth of Opportunities cakes. New and decadent savoury Prosperity Specials include ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ – a luxurious salt-crusted delight teeming with only the best ingredients; Braised Whole Chicken with Sea Treasures in Claypot; and Braised Pork Spare Ribs with Sea Treasures in Claypot. 

The Lunar New Year Goodies will be available from the hotel’s Deli, while Prosperity Specials, a selection of ‘Yu Sheng’ as well as dine-in à la carte and set menus will be available at Min Jiang (Goodwood Park Hotel) and Min Jiang at One-North (No. 5 Rochester Park) for lunch and dinner. The impressive Windsor Ballroom is also available for guests who wish to celebrate reunion dinner in grand style.

Guests can contact Min Jiang岷江川菜馆 at (65) 6730 1704 / email:, Min Jiang at One-North 岷江在纬壹 at (65) 6774 0122 / email:, and the Deli at (65) 6730 1786 / email: to place reservations or takeaway orders. Alternatively, guests may also visit for online takeaway orders. Availability for all Lunar New Year specials is from 21 January to 22 February 2016. Advance order of three working days is required for takeaways and the last order date is 19 February 2016 at 12 noon.

A special English Afternoon tea spread showcasing favourite classics and Lunar New Year offerings will also be available at the intimate high tea destination, L’Espresso from 5 to 9 February 2016. A Prosperity Room Package is also available for those seeking respite from hectic festivities. 

Available at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North.
Prices stated for Prosperity Specials are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.

Crispy Salmon Skin ‘Lo Hei’
 酥炸龙袍捞起 | $118 – large
(Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang)


An ideal choice for those who eschew raw fish, this work of art
by Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee (曾繁基) of Min Jiang is every bit as delightful, with an abundance of fresh, crunchy vegetables such as sweet romaine hearts, yellow frisée, wild arugula, baby radish, purple cabbage, carrots as well as orange peel and jellyfish, along with the star – homemade crispy salmon skin. Enhancing the dish with an addictive crunch, these tasty gems are complemented by fragrant ‘pok chui’ (crispy golden ‘pillows’), ground peanuts, sesame seeds and pine nuts. Adding to the visual feast is a hand drawn adorable monkey grasping a mandarin orange, as an ode to the Year of the Monkey. A homemade tangy-sweet plum-based sauce is used to complete the creation.

Fruity ‘Lo Hei’ with Bacon and White Truffle Oil 
松露油培根水果捞起 | $78 – small / $128 – large  (Dine-in only at Min Jiang at One-North)
Begin the year on an invigorating note with this luxe fruit salad flourishing with pops of colour and pristine flavours by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong (吴志光 ) of Min Jiang at One-North.
Pretty julienne slices of mango, rock melon, Japanese cucumber, and strawberries surround a generous portion of romaine, mixed lettuce, baby radish, carrot and radish strips.
Delectable crisp bacon strips as well as deep-fried yam and
potato slivers add an earthy depth of flavour while a dressing made with plum sauce, mixed fruits and white truffle oil lends uniqueness to the dish – especially while tossing – as the incomparable fragrance wafts over the table. 
Crispy Silver Bait Fish with Mock Tuna ‘Lo Hei’
 酥炸银鱼配搭素鲔鱼捞起 | $128 – large 
(Dine-in only at Min Jiang)
Replacing the raw fish in this dish are compressed watermelon slices with a texture and deep red colour akin to raw tuna. These refreshing pieces are complemented by deep-fried silver bait fish, 'taro' and sweet potato crisps for contrasting flavour and texture. The dish is completed with mesclun greens, shredded red and white carrots, flying fish roe, ‘wasabi ebiko’ (prawn roe), seaweed, French chives, Buddha’s hand citron, jellyfish, pomelo as well as chef’s secret sweet sauce and lime juice.
Gong Xi Fa Cai’
 | $298 for eight persons  
(Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang)

Inspired by a game that is particularly enjoyed during Lunar New Year, Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee has handcrafted a flawless replica of a mahjong tile emblazoned with the Chinese word for good fortune – 發– made entirely with salt. Guests are invited to ‘release’ the fortune by breaking open the
salt crust with a mallet (Chef recommends adding in a sprightly shout of “Huat ah!” at the same time), then feasting on the delicious treasures within. Pig’s trotter which has been braised for four hours, is wrapped in a salt crust along with Australian 6-head abalones, dried scallops, flower mushrooms and ‘fa cai’ (black moss), before the entire package is baked further for one and a half hours, resulting in a flavourful finish. 
Braised Whole Chicken with Sea Treasures in Claypot
富贵金鲍鸡煲| $248 for six persons   (Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang)
Tuck into a pot of mouthwatering goodness. A whole spring chicken is flash-fried, then braised for one hour, while Australian 10-head abalones, dried oysters, flower mushrooms, dried scallops, white radish, ‘fa cai’ (black moss) and gluten puffs stuffed with minced pork and prawn paste are separately cooked. All ingredients are further braised for 45 minutes before serving. The claypot is included for takeaways. 
Braised Pork Spare Ribs with Sea Treasures in Claypot
金鲍腩排海味锅| $248 for six persons
(Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang at One-North)
A hunk of pork spare ribs is first flash-fried, seasoned with garlic and spring onions, lovingly braised for two hours bone-in, then deboned and steamed for a further three hours for intense flavour and tenderness. In the meantime, Australian 8-head abalones, sea cucumber, dried oysters, dried scallops, flower mushrooms, ‘fa cai’ (black moss) and Tianjin cabbage are cooked separately. All ingredients are combined before serving, making it a delightfully decadent dish perfect for the festive table. The claypot is included for takeaways.
Festive Appetiser Takeaway Platter
 五福拼盘| $108 for six to eight persons
(Takeaway only at Min Jiang)
For hosts with the most, this beautifully presented takeaway platter brings flair to any gathering. It comprises five delicious bites of drunken chicken roll, deep-fried prawns coated with salted egg yolk, deep-fried ‘ngoh hiang’, sautéed Kurobuta pork loin with coffee sauce and marinated jellyfish. 

Available for takeaway at the Deli
Takeaway prices stated for Lunar New Year Goodies are subject to 7% GST.
Auspicious Blessings cake
 福气 满溢 | $88, 1kg
Fashioned from earl grey butter cake and icing to the likeness of a mandarin orange carrier bag, this pretty handmade creation by Pastry Chef Joe Tan and his team makes a lovely gift for the season. Milk chocolate ‘gold coins’ and a pair of handmade orange-chocolate ‘mandarin oranges’ are daintily propped on top, to symbolise blessings of wealth and good luck.
Wealth of Opportunities cake
招 财 金蒜 | $88, 1kg

Resplendently glowing in gold is this scrumptious homemade chocolate marble cake handcrafted into the shape of a large garlic. The golden garlic is said to bring fortune and good opportunities according to Chinese ‘feng shui’. 
Sweet Potato Chips | $24.80 per jar 
Freshly handmade by the hotel’s chefs, these wafer-thin sweet snacks are simply irresistible.
Available for dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North
Prices stated for Prosperity Signatures are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.
Prosperity ‘Fa Cai’ 8 Treasures Duck
发财  八宝葫芦 鸭 | $188 for eight to ten persons
Introduced in 2009 by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong from Min Jiang at One-North, this popular one-pot delicacy comprises boneless duck stuffed with ‘eight treasures’; ‘ling zhi’ mushrooms, flower mushrooms, sea cucumber, dried scallops, euryale seeds (芡实 ), black moss, fresh chestnuts and water chestnuts.
Claypot Reunion Rice
  五谷丰收  庆团圆 砂 煲 腊味 饭 | $78 for four to six persons, $118 for eight to ten persons
This Cantonese specialty crowned with an enticing selection of preserved Chinese pork sausages, liver, waxed duck leg and succulent pork belly is a choice pick for reunion dinner.
Prosperity Sea Treasures in Wooden Pot (‘pen cai’)
福贵  木 盆菜 | $368 for six persons
This quintessential dish is an indulgent ‘melting pot’ of top-grade ingredients such as whole Australian abalones, Min Jiang’s homemade roast pork, fresh scallops, ‘live’ prawns, fish maw, sea cucumber, dried oysters, flower mushrooms, Tianjin cabbage and black moss.
Prices stated for Lunar New Year Goodies are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.
Durian ‘Nian Gao’ Roll
榴梿年糕卷| $28 for two rolls (takeaway), 18 for six slices (dine-in)
(Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang and Min Jiang at One-North) 
Fans of the thorny fruit can rejoice with the return of last year’s favourite treat made with luscious D24 durian paste embraced by layers of divine gula Melaka-infused ‘nian gao’ and sprinkled with coconut flakes.
Duo of Prosperity Fish (Mango with Pomelo and Sago & 
Durian Pudding) | $108 for ten persons (Takeaway at the Deli) 
Ideal as a gift or for enjoying as a befitting sweet finale, this auspicious pair is brimming with tropical fruit flavours. Guests can also opt to purchase a pair of Durian Pudding fishes for $118.
‘Bak Kwa’ | $50 for 600g and $78 for 1kg
(Takeaway at the Deli) 
Marinated in a proprietary blend of spices and barbecued by the hotel’s Chinese chefs, the moreish ‘bak kwa’ is sold pre-cut in small slices for convenience.
Traditional New Year Cookies and Chips | $19.80 to $24.80 per jar (Takeaway at the Deli) 
Goodwood Park Hotel’s all-time favourite festive snacks that have garnered a loyal following include Macadamia & Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cashew Nut Cookies, Almond Cookies, Yam Chips and the wildly-popular ‘Chiku’ (arrowhead) Chips.

Prices stated for Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.
Brand new for this year is the Crispy Eel ‘Lo Hei’ 酥炸 鳗鳗鳗起 and the Crispy Silver Bait Fish ‘Lo Hei’ 酥炸 银鳗鳗起 freshly prepared in the hotel. The above, as well as popular varieties of ‘Yu Sheng’ are served with refreshing julienne vegetables such as white turnips, carrots, yam as well as accompaniments like pickled ginger and jellyfish in a zesty homemade sauce. 

Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.
Dine-in set menus for festive feasting featuring a lavish selection of delicacies are priced at $98 and $128 per person (menu for minimum two persons), and range from $538 per table of 6 persons to $1788 per table of ten persons. Vegetarian set menu options are also available. For celebrations at home, the Min Jiang Festive Treasures Takeaway 6-Course Menu which includes the new Braised Whole Chicken with Sea Treasures in Claypot and Festive Appetiser Takeaway Platter, is available at $488 for six persons. Prosperity ‘yu sheng’ is included in all dine-in and takeaway set menus.
Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, or 7% GST for takeaway.
This charming restaurant in the lush surrounds of Rochester Park feature elegant festive dishes in menus priced at $108 and $128 per person (menu for two to six persons), and ranging from $788 to $1388 per table of ten persons. A Bountiful Harvest menu is also available at $888 for 6 persons, $1188 for 8 persons and $1498 for 10 persons. For guests who like their tipple, there is a set menu at $788 for 6 persons with a complimentary half bottle of Remy Martin X.O. Cognac, and at $1588 for 10 persons with a complimentary bottle of Remy Martin X.O. Cognac. The Min Jiang at One-North Festive Treasures Takeaway 7-Course Menu at $498 for six persons, is perfect for feasting at home with the new Braised Pork Spare Ribs with Sea Treasures in Claypot as the highlight. Prosperity ‘yu sheng’ is included in all dine-in and takeaway set menus.

Available on 7 February 2016
Celebrate the all-important reunion dinner at the grand Windsor Ballroom with two winning set menus priced from $688 for a table of six persons to $988 for a table of ten persons. Guests may call Min Jiang at (65) 6730 1704 or email: for reservations.

Available from 5 to 9 February 2016 
1st seating: 12noon – 2.30pm, 2nd seating: 3pm – 5.30pm
Savour an extensive English Afternoon Tea spread encompassing Chinese New Year treats like chicken ‘bak kwa’; and ‘nian gao’ with yam beignet at L’Espresso priced at $68 per adult and $48 per child. Guests may call L’Espresso at (65) 6730 1743 or email: for reservations.

Take a break from the Chinese New Year bustle with a stay in an iconic heritage hotel right in the heart of the city. For room reservations, guests can call (65) 6730 1811 / 44 or email:
Room type and validity: Deluxe Room at $248++ per room per night (room only) or $288++ per room per night (with buffet breakfast for two), available from 8 January to 13 February 2016
• 50% off à la carte spa services and treatments at Spa Rael
• 10% off à la carte hair services and treatments (excluding Brazilian treatments) at Georgina’s salon
• An upgrade to Deluxe Mayfair Room or Poolside Suite at an additional $30 or $175 per room per night respectively
* Black-out dates, seasonal surcharges and standard cancellation terms apply accordingly. Discounts at Spa Rael and Georgina’s salon are subject to change without prior notice.
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6737 7411
Fax: +65 6732 8558

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Swing into Springtime with the QuintESSENCE of festive buffet lunch treats at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar between 5 and 21 February 2016 and stand to win five $200 BRAND’S® Hampers!

In partnership with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken, Executive Chef Ricky swayed toward pairing chicken essence aspic ingeniously with smoked salmon to create EssenceTIAL Yusheng (‘精’玉满堂鸡精鱼生, which symbolizes tossing ‘To Infinite Abundance and Luck’) in the Year of the Fire Monkey! 

EssenceTIAL Yusheng comprising Smoked Salmon Low Hei Salad with specially made BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Aspic & Vinaigrette
Regular $38++ (up to 4 pax), Large $68++ (8 to 10 Pax)

Alongside a festive bevy of gourmet pleasures, where BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken comes into play, diners can expect to swing into feasting action with auspicious signatures like the Essence of 8 Treasures Platter (八宝鲜味精典盘 – Salad of Pacific Clams, Prawns, Smoked Oysters, Sea
Asparagus, U.S Asparagus, Black Fungus, “Fatt Choy” and Roasted Pine Nuts with Essence Vinaigrette), Fortune Chicken with Essence Consommé (精鸡报喜富贵汤 - Herbal Chicken steamed with Old Ginger, Chinese Wine, Dried Longans, Red Dates & Chicken Essence), Sixth Happiness Seabass in Essence (六六大顺精目鲈 – Steamed Seabass Fillet with Carrots Pearl, Barley, Green Zucchini Pearl, Yellow Zucchini Pearl, White Fungus and Chicken Essence) and Seventh Heaven Crabmeat Noodle in Essence Stew (七星报喜精选蟹面 – Crisp Hong Kong Noodle with Yellow Chives, Mushroom, Crabmeat, Chinese Mushroom & Lily Bulb in Essence Stew). Tuck into some other 20 auspicious dishes at the buffet counter and be sure to usher in prosperity and progress when chef pan-fries nian gao at the live station specially for you!  

‘CNY IN ESSENCE’ Buffet Lunch  - 6 to 9 Feb and weekends (13, 14, 20, 21 Feb)
$38++ (Adult), $18++ (Child, 6-12 years)
50% off every 2nd diner for Citi Credit cardholders (discount is valid for adult prices)

If you are thinking of a reunion or Chinese New Year get-together over dinner, look no further than STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar where you can look forward to a healthful BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken broth
, which is the latest addition to three lovingly-prepared choices of soup bases – Imperial Chicken Broth, Siamese Luck Tom Yum Broth and Indonesian Bakso Broth. The hotpot is served up in individual, Chinoiserie chic pots with customized designs of propitious dragons blanketing them in vibrant hues of majestic yellow and royal blue.  The hot pot buffet menu boasts a mouth-watering ensemble of about 50 ingredients from unlimited servings of healthy greens to fried specialities and premium platters of fresh seafood to delicious meats. STREET 50’s vegetable platters include Enoki mushrooms, white cabbage, baby kailan, dried seaweed, Thai lettuce accompanied with your carbo needs - noodles or rice. Choices for seafood include Red Grouper fillets, white clams, sliced squid, Canadian scallops, flower crabs and red prawns. There are also familiar all-time favourites like fish balls, crab sticks, chicken franks and sliced chicken, for that added home-cooked flair. As for meat lovers, the restaurant has the freshest of sliced beef and pork that are sure to satisfy your cravings! Aside from tasty broths, fresh seafood and succulent meat items, hot pot lovers can look forward to seasonal specials of premium platters of wagyu beef, bamboo clams, scallops, sea cucumbers and Kurobuta pork! 

With an awesome spread that has something for everyone and can be tailored to your individual taste, this hotpot buffet dinner will certainly add more springtime cheer to that year-long reunion or spontaneous get-together with family, friends, colleagues and business contacts. 

‘CNY IN ESSENCE’ Hotpot Buffet Dinner  - 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21 Feb, 6.30pm to
10.00pm: $38++ (Adult), $18++ (Child, 6-12 years)

‘CNY IN ESSENCE’ Hotpot Buffet Dinner  - 7 Feb (Eve of Chinese New Year), 6.30pm to
10.00pm: $58++ (Adult), $28++ (Child, 6-12 years)
50% off every 2nd diner for Citi Credit cardholders (discount is valid for adult prices)

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar
Bay Hotel Singapore, 50 Telok Blangah Road Singapore 098828
Reservations can be made at Tel: 6818 6681.

Monday, February 01, 2016

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