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Monday, August 18, 2014

After a hard day's at work, there's nothing like a cool cocktail to set the mind at ease, and I like to recommend you to check out The Royal Mail Bar. 

After two years, The Royal Mail Bar, the extended beverage arm of The Royal Mail Restaurant, introduces new speciality cocktails and British-inspired tapas to its menus.

The facelift draws inspiration from the evolving bar culture in Singapore, where there is an increasing demand for creative drinks that really serve to impress customers based on its ingredients, presentation and originality. 

Culminating three months of hard work by the kitchen and bar team, they have conceptualised a revitalised direction for the bar offering with exciting choices. Guests can expect an appetizing range of specialty cocktails, a well-curated range of whiskeys and spirits, as well as bar grub that boast modern British sensibilities. 

Using everyday ingredients, the bar’s resident bartender has whipped up 15 new concoctions. The recipes are borne out of his search for intriguing and flavourful drinks. 

Savour two signature drinks: Timeless English and Old Fashioned Spice. With Timeless English, two classics are cohesively melded — earl grey tea and the classic martini drink — into one heady cocktail. A spin on the Old Fashioned Spice, a perennial favourite, is given a slightly sweetened aftertaste with the deft infusion of honey and clove.
Old Fashioned Spice Cocktail
The offering of these speciality cocktails is in keeping with customers’ changing 
preferences. The burgeoning trend of cocktail bars in Singapore has inspired a demand for 
‘off-the-menu’ drinks. With these novel creations, The Royal Mail Bar is able to offer an 
enamouring experience,” said Mr Lois Blanc, Chief Executive Officer of Argentum Group. 

Complementing the specialty cocktails is a gamut of tasty bar grub which include the 
signature dish known to The Royal Mail Restaurant - Roast Prime Rib. Joining the ranks of 
this marquee dish are delightful mainstays that showcase the chefs’ finesse and flair in 
pairing food and drinks. The Cubed Beef Steak is an irresistible offering: each morsel is 
tantalizing, especially when indulged with the accompaniment of Spicy Crab-Tomato and 
Béarnaise sauces. 

The other equally satisfying and new item on the bar grub menu is BBQ Sweet and Spicy Meatballs. Flavours leap off the plate as the meatballs are doused in a piquant homemade BBQ sauce, tempered by raspberry jam and chilli flakes – an excellent sharing dish among colleagues and friends. 

The kitchen team also presents Sweet Potato Chips with Shallot & Onion Salsa, a healthier alternative to the popular snack. These homemade roasted chips are enticingly crispy on their own; dip them into the salsa and the enjoyment is increased manifold. 

“Our new bar grub menu focuses on working the taste-buds of guests as they enjoy our improved menu – especially with the new specialty cocktails. As the tastes of these new cocktails vary differently from the classic alcoholic drinks, we had to give the new drinks a good try before working on complementing its taste. Hence, the teamwork behind this menu revamp is crucial to what our guests can experience and enjoy,” said Group Executive Chef, Chef Micail Chepi.

Apart from introducing new specialty cocktails and British-inspired bar grub, The Royal Mail Bar would also like to regale all guests with new choices of draught and bottled beers, spirits and improvised daily promotions which appeal to the Central Business District drinking crowd. In giving a better variety of spirits to customers, the bar has brought in 10 new whiskeys which cater to sweet and peaty palettes. The new choices of whiskeys are:

-Aberlour 15 Years 
-Arran Sherry Cask 
-Compass Box The Peat Monster 
-Glendronach Revival 15 Years 
-Kavalan Single Malt 
-Gordon & McPhail Ledaig 1997 
-Nikka Coffey Grain 
-Nikka Miyagikyo 15 Years 
-Nikka Pure Malt Red 
-Nikka Yoichi 12 Years  

Live Band

And here you go...

Chocolate Dream

Timeless English

Apple of My Eye

Agent 006

Razor Clams & Squid
Straight Cut Chips

Spicy Pepperoni Pizza
Seafood Aglio Olio
Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Vanilla Creme Brulee
Cubed Beef Prime Roast

Garlic Bread
Definitely a great place for birthday celebration.

Nicholas asked the band to sing a birthday song for Joanne and got everyone singing along.

Cheers to everyone!


The Royal Mail Bar Daily Promotions (6pm to closing) 
Monday: $5 Dirty or Dry Martinis only 
Tuesday: 1 for 1 House Pour and Premium Wine 
Wednesday: 1 for 1 keys by the Glass 
Thursday: Half-Pint Draught Beer for $5 
Friday: $10 Champagne by the Glass 

Happy Hour 
Happy Hour at The Royal Mail Bar is from 5pm to 8pm, where all specialty cocktails go for 
$10 each, and 1-for-1 House Pour (Gentlemen’s Pour 45ml) go for $15. 


About The Royal Mail Bar 

Established in 2012, The Royal Mail Bar is the extended beverage arm of The Royal Mail 
Restaurant. A trademark of the bar is the eye-catching round counter where revellers can 
ensconce themselves and savour cocktails as well as British-inspired bar grub. The bar’s 
collection of spirits and whiskeys are also displayed in its full glory. The Royal Mail Bar 
serves walk-in customers and guests of Ascott Residences from Monday to Friday, 3pm to 

A vintage brass mail chute, which stands in its full glory by the lift lobby of the Ascott, is the 
inspiration for The Royal Mail concept which provides guests with a touch of Old World 
elegance from the days of letter-writing, Doris Day, Grace Chang and policemen in shorts. 
The Royal Mail is a concept by Argentum Group. 

Level 1 of Ascott Residences, 
2 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049247

Operating hours:
Mon - Sun 3pm - 11pm (last order 10.30pm) B

For more information, please visit

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thanks Tiger Beer Singapore for inviting me to their recent parties where me and my friends had a good time partying and celebrating National Day!

We had a great time and did some "Wefie" at Tiong Bahru Bar on 7 Aug 2014!

 Zach had a tattoo on his chest! Man I also want his kind of hot body!

Zach you are making all the guys jealous... 

Me and my friends had fun tattoo-ing at #TigerBeerSG #uncage party at #TiongBahruBar!

The 2nd party was at Overeasy on National Day itself.
Thanks TigerBeerSG for having us at the party where me and my friends enjoyed watching NDP 2014 fireworks and drinking Tiger Beer.

I did a little dare by having a little tattoo (Temporary kind).

The crowd at the Tiger Beer's National Day Party held at Overeasy.

Guest were welcome to do a tattoo to celebrate this occasion.

And because it is National Day and we are just opposite the floating platform.
The guests got a good spot to catch NDP 2014's firework display that evening just above where they sat. Special thanks to Tiger Beer for the arrangement.

Isn't this a beautiful sight! Happy National Day to everyone!

Thanks Tiger Beer Singapore once again for inviting me to their National Campaign Events!


In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer has shed its signature corporate colours to don the national colours on its livery. This is the first time the brand has embarked on such an initiative, in a bid to walk the talk to unleash its pride as a home-grown beer that has gained recognition internationally. 

The limited edition red and white livery comes in packs of 10 330ml cans, retailing at a recommended price of $25.60 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Visit Tiger Beer’s Facebook page ( for more updates and promotions.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thanks #NestleSG for sending over this morning goodness! 
It is the new NESTLE FITNESSE Chocolate cereal and a chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate.

Chocolate makes you happy, brings you comfort, helps you bond with people, and more often than not, it’s irresistible. Eating chocolate will get fat? I scare of getting fat?  Now imagine these pleasures of chocolate without the guilt. 

Introducing the new NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal! Crispy Whole Grain flakes which are high in fiber and folic acid that are not just flavoured, but covered with delectable chocolate. With as low as 110 calories (per recommended serving size of 30g), NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal provides the ultimate guilt-free pleasure. Isn't that AWESOME?

Always start your day with a good Whole Grain breakfast, such as NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal which contains 46% Whole Grain and 2.0g (per serve) of fiber. Whole Grain supports satiety and the feeling of fullness. The Health Promotion Board recommends that adults consume 2 – 3 servings of Whole Grain daily. 

Furthermore, breakfast cereals are one of the lowest calorie options among local breakfast choices, which enable better overall weight management. What’s more, NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal contains 8 vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Iron and Vitamin E! Go on, kick start your mornings with the new NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal -a nutritious yet satisfying guilt-free pleasure. 

NESTLÉ FITNESSE Chocolate cereal is now available at major supermarkets, with a recommended retail price of $6.70 per pack. 

For more information, please visit the Nestlé FITNESSE Singapore Facebook page at, to learn simple and fun fitness tips. 

Now at home, you can enjoy a crisp, golden-brown, warm toast for breakfast with Sunshine Enriched White Toastie Thick Slice Bread! 

Fans of toasts will tell you that toasting heightens the taste and texture, making it more delicious. Sunshine Bakeries, Singapore’s first commercial manufacturer and marketer of bakery products is proud to announce the launch of the Sunshine Enriched White Toastie Thick Slice Bread.

The process of toasting involves closely exposing the bread to a source of radiant heat for a short time, causing the outer surface to crisp. Toast lovers may debate about the temperature and the amount of time it takes to make a perfect toast. But they will all agree that the crux of it lies in an ideal thickness and scrumptiousness of the bread. In essence, a perfect toast must be thick enough to be deliciously crusty on the surface yet heavenly soft on the inside. It is that delicate balance that gives each bite thesimultaneous delights of crispiness and softness. 

The brand new Sunshine Enriched White Toastie Thick Slice Bread offers the optimal thickness perfected for toasting, intentionally sliced thicker to transform your everyday toast to a fuller experience. With care taken to produce the right density of the bread, Sunshine Enriched White Toastie Thick Slice bread, allows you to fully appreciate the crispy surface and the soft, tender inside when toasted.

Toasting may bring out additional health benefits too. For one, it is known to increase the fiber concentration compared to untoasted bread. Fiber is vital for digestion and aids the body’s general health. In addition, the Sunshine Enriched White Toastie Thick Slice Bread is packed with a host of nutritive goodness such as Vitamins B1, B3 & B3 and Iron. As toasts are a favorite for everyone from growing children to adults, this loaf is also high in calcium. This means for every 2 slices of Sunshine Enriched White Toastie
Thick Slice Bread you get 25% of your daily calcium requirement.*

“While Singaporeans enjoy their bread in a variety of ways, a perfect golden brown toast usually tops the list. At Sunshine Bakeries, we are always innovating to ensure our customers enjoy not just the freshest and healthiest bread, but perfected for their method of consumption as well. What’s more, it fits all toasters”, said Nicholas Koh, Head of Marketing (Private Labels), Sunshine Bakeries and Auric Pacific Marketing.
Today, Sunshine Bakeries produces more than 100,000 loaves of fresh and great tasting bread every day. 

Available in all leading supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts, at a suggested retail price of S$1.60 per loaf of 300g.

*Note: recommended daily allowance for adults 19 to 50-year olds