A date with Jack Neo at Vivocity GV

Last Sunday, I got selected to attend this function

" A Date with Jack Neo" for his new movie "Love Matters".
I asked Jasmine along with me.
We thought it just movie only.

To our surprise, there is a stage with host and foods for us.

Yusheng for us too!

See so many people went and so many Yusheng on the table.

We get to toss Yusheng with Jack Neo with the rest of the actor of Love Matters.

Our table Yusheng

Nice catering foods for us too!

So nice of the organisor to have such event for us!

And in one of the stage game, they chose me and Jasmine up the stage.

There were another 2 couple who was chosen to go up the stage.

The rule of the game is to carry your partner as long as possible.

We were then told to draw lots, I chose a paper which wrote "女"

and which mean Jasmine had to carry me like how the actress

in the show carried actor Hui Ge...

Poor Jasmine...

Initially she was told to carry me for 30seconds

but she carried for 60seconds and we got 1st prize because of her effort

Too bad there wasn't anyone to help us take that picture of her carrying me,

cause I think it will be very funny!

This were some of the photo on the Lian He Wan Bao newspaper the next day on Monday!

This was how Jasmine carried me for 60seconds... Power lor she....

She actually carried 60 seconds as mentioned by the host there... But don't know why the reported wrote 50 seconds only... But she is still very strong to had carried me la...



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