Shocking day for me today... Panic me...

This morning when I was at home something happened and got me into tears rolling down my face...

I was in my room packing my room then I heard a sudden loud bang like something hit onto the floor.

I rushed out of my room and found out it was my cute 3 yrs old nephew who had fell backward and hit his own head. He was sitting on the floor playing and he suddenly fell backward and hit his head.

Then his arms and legs were jerking involuntarily, eyes uprolling and teeth clenching really hard. He seem to lost control of himself and couldn't speak to us.

Me, my sis, my mum and my bro were all so panic and didn't know what to do but keep on shouting his name and hope he can response to us. We tried to apply medicated oil to his body.

Everything happened so sudden and we don't know what to do to help him.

All I knew the 1st thing to do is to quickly call "995" to get an ambulance to send him to hosptial. While we are waiting for the ambulance to come, we keep on shouting his name as he keep on wanting to close his eyes like a bit restless and got us worried. So we tried to talk to him and make sure he don't close his eyes and sleep.

I quickly called Jasmine as I was so panic also.

It is really SCARY MOMENT to me. I am so worried of losing him... He is my precious nephew and I love him a lot although sometime he made me angry.

That moment, I cried and wished he will be alright and he can do anything to me and I will not scold him again.
About 15 minute later, the ambulance arrived and the paramedic examined him and told us he is fine and they will sent him to KK hospital.

My mum and my sis in law went along with the ambulance.

My bro and I quickly went to change our clothes and took a cab down too.

When I reached the hospital, the doctor said he is fine. And why he had tht kind of reaction is because of his high fever of 39ºC. Jasmine came down to the hospital too.

According to the doctor, his illness is called Febrile Fit. Fits usually occur with high fevers, especially when the temperature reaches 38.5ºC or more.

Simple febrile fits commonly occur in children between 6 months to 6 years old. There may be a history of such fits in the family. But none of our family member had fits history. (Read more of this illness here.)

He was discharged after doctor examined him and said he can go home and take medication to cure his fever and should be well soon.

Really thanks god that he is fine now.

A photo of my nephew with my parent at Suntec this year!