X'mas Chalet and Birthday Celebration with the Kiehl's Boys

1st Day

The 8 of us (Tommy, GJ, James, Terence, Dylan, Johnathon, Kevin Yap and myself) met up in the evening on the 1st day.

We went to get the things we need (Cup noodles, paper plates, spoon, etc) at the Sun Plaza's NTUC.

We had a bottle of Vodka! Most of them cannot drink.
So Tommy drank the most I would say...

We had cards games as usual!
Lots of laughter!

Kim and Jessen, the loving couple!





We ending with "Tao Pok" Tommy that 1st night....
Look at GJ's face..... (The one in white Tee)

2nd day
From left: William, Tommy, Jessen, Kevin Tan, Kevin Yap, GJ & Johnathon

Is that synchronizing water dance?

Guess who is that on the extreme left using his hand to stand?
Yes it is our Johnathon!

We were supposed to jump together
but don't know why Jessen jumped in 1st! Haha!

Yeah! Successful jumping together!

Time to relax our body at the Jacuzzi!!!

The Nerdy Buddies!

We are at Sembawang Chalet!!!! Yeah!!!
Show the excitement!

Who was that this time???
It was poor Kevin Tan at the bottom!

Not forget a group shot! Smile!!!

Do you think GJ look like Zhang Dong Liang?

Polo Boys!!!

The Merry Christmas Song!!!

We had Pizza and KFC fried chicken for Dinner!

We played card games- Taboo

The yearly birthday celebration for
James and William
is about to begin!


Bring out the cake, guys!

James's and William's Birthday Cake!!!

Poor James injured his back
during the pool dunking
before cutting the cake....

William's Birthday is on 25 Dec 2009 (X'mas day)
& James's Birthday is on 30 Dec!!!

"Xi" (Happy) pose

"Nu" (Angry) pose

"Ai" (Sad) pose

"Le" (Joyful) pose

The Kiehl's boys with the 2 Birthday Boys!!! (Nice shot)

A group photo with the gals (The gals were pretty)

Come'on everyone into the picture and smile!!!
1... 2... 3 kacha!!! (Great shot)

Best couple and Best comedian award should go to them!!!
Both of them never failed to spice up the party!
They are so cute right!

Everyone got their gift exchange!!! So happy!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Both William and James were happy that the Kiehl's people gathered together for this celebration (X'mas & their Birthday)

3rd day
morning, some of the people have to leave us...

The rest still carry on to enjoy the staying together...
So relaxing at the pool...

Kiehl's boys showing off muscle.... Haha

Kiehl's boys favourite mask is the Rare Earth Mask!!!

Taking photo in an usual way is fun!!!



The last day of chalet ended off with a toss to everyone!
Wishing everyone all the best in 2010!