Some of the birthday presents I received

Last year I had an enjoyable Birthday Celebration and Christmas Celebration of cause.
Cause I got a Double Celebration on the same day again...
Because every year I celebrate Christmas and my birthday together with a bunch of good friends!
Thanks for celebrating and buying me the presents!
I love them all!
Thanks Terence for the fashionable ear phone! I love it!

Will use it to listen to my favourite songs!

Thanks to all the Kiehl's Boy who had shared and bought me this scanner cum printer!

Thanks May for the bag!

Thanks Bitch Club people for the Hugo Boss Perfume!

It's one of my favourite!!!

Thanks Edison for the boxer! I still remember last year you bought me undergarment also lor... Haha... This was quite an unusual present i normally receive la... Not bad good good then I don't have to buy le. Every year got new undergarment to wear! Haha...

Thanks Juztin and Paul for the nice watch! I love it a lot!

Will wear it often though I seldom wear watch! haha...