Nuffnang- Toy Story 3 Premiere at THE CATHAY

Thanks Nuffnang for the movie- Toy Story 3!

I watched with Brandon at THE CATHAY earlier on...

I like the cute purple bear (Forgot his name).

So cute.... and I took a lot of picture with it!

This is a great and funny movie!

I rate it 7/10!

Catch it in Cinema this coming 17th June 2010!!!



  1. Ee.. you like big bad bear! :( Name is Lotso.. he's evil-hearted, ungrateful..not cute! And how come it becomes Red in ur pic? Lolz.
    Baby aliens and Mr Potato are cute! :)

  2. Ya lor.. maybe because of the yellow lighting.... Haha...
    But the soft toy is cute la... Just that in the show he was evil ma...

  3. Hey! Just wondering where did you get the soft toys from? I was there that day at the premiere but I can't find it anywhere.