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This is Jurong Point with the beautiful Christmas Tree all ready for the festive season of the year!
I am staying in the central of Singapore and I enjoy travelling around different part of Singapore and try out different restaurants with my friends and family. Afterall Singapore is a very small country and it is so convenient and easy to travel in Singapore.

Jurong Point is conveniently located next to Boon Lay MRT Station and Bus Interchange,and it is the largest suburban retail mall situated in the western part of Singapore. They have about 450 retailers in, showcasing their products and services to 6 million visitors a month. Wow! I'm thinking probably that is the reason why my friend and I have this feeling that there are lesser and lesser people going Orchard Road nowadays. Because I feel Jurong Point is like a mini town of its  own already! You can find simply anything there!!!

The revamped Jurong Point houses a range of retail zones – expanded and revamped Shokutsu Ten, Mongkok, Rackets & Track, Korean Street, Malaysia Boleh, Takeaway Alley, Gourmet Garden and many more.

 With a wide array of shopping, dining, entertainment and services, I'm sure residents staying in the west have nothing to complain. Some of the anchor shops includes such as 24-hour FairPrice Xtra, John Little, Courts, Harvey Norman, Popular, Kopitiam, Kiddy Palace, Uniqlo, Din Tai Fung, Putien, Dian Xiao Er, Crystal Jade, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, SingTel, G2000 and many more.

That's no doubt even people staying out of the west are visiting Jurong Point too! It is definitely a great place for dining with friends or family with so many dining restaurants available!

AND NOW THERE'S MORE REASON TO DINE AT JURONG POINT!!! Jurong Point is having a campaign "Best of Asian Food Under One Roof" from 31 October – 31 December 2015 and you can stand a chance to win a pair of air tickets to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Dubai.  

Best of Asian Food Under One Roof

 Stand a chance to win a trip when you dine at Jurong Point!
Accumulate Food Prints in your Jurong Point Passport at any of the five precincts, namely Mongkok, Korean Street, Shokutsu Ten, Malaysia Boleh! and Halal Delights.

What's more, Jurong Point will be giving away a Grand Prize: complete all five precincts and stand a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and other attractive prizes. Passports can be collected at our Customer Service Counters.
On top of that, a Jurong Point Passport Holder* can be redeemed at the Customer Service Counter when shoppers spend $120 in a maximum of 2 combined same-day receipts from any participating F&B establishment. So what are you waiting for? Start feasting away!

When: 31 October – 31 December 2015

Precincts InvolvedMongkok, Korean Street, Shokutsu Ten, Malaysia Boleh! and Halal Delights
How to participate: Spend $50 in a single same-day receipt from selected restaurants under Mongkok, Shokutsu Ten, Korean Street or Halal Delights precinct and get a stamp on the passport. Accumulate all 6 stamps and stand to win a pair of air tickets to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Dubai. (Spend $20 in a maximum of 5 single-day receipts for Malaysia Boleh. Accumulate all 8 stamps and stand to win a trip for 2 to Club Med Cherating).

Participating F&B Establishments:
Mongkok - Central Hong Kong Café (JP2 #03-90/95) - Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (JP2 #03-96/104) - Legendary Hong Kong (JP2 #03-80)

Korean Street - Chef’s Noodle (JP2 #B1-45) - Korbi Grill (JP2 #B1-45) - Seoul Garden (JP2 #B1-46) - Seoul Garden Hotspot (JP2 #B1-46)
Shokutsu Ten - Ichiban Boshi (JP2 #B1-75) - Kabe No Ana Japanese Pasta (JP1 #B1-55) - Kuishin Bo Authentic Japanese Buffet (JP1 #B1-47) - Kuriya Japanese Market (JP2 #B1-77) - Men-ichi Japanese Ramen (JP1 #B1-53) - Shabu Tontei (JP1 #B1-52) - Wadori (JP1 #B1-51)
Halal Delights - Ayam Penyet Ria (JP1 #B1-06) - Fish & Co (JP1 #02-20E) - Prata Wala (JP2 #01-71/72/73/74) - Swensen’s (JP2 #B1-64)
Malaysia Boleh! All stalls in Malaysia Boleh! List the name of the stalls
For more information on Jurong Point’s Best of Asian Foods Under One Roof lucky draw, click here


Here are some of the restaurant I visited: 
Shabu Tontei (JP1 #B1-52) 

Shabu Tontei at Jurong Point is a specialty shabu shabu restaurant offering an assortment of premium meats such as Japanese kurobuta (black pork) and Japanese wagyu to ensure the best gastronomic experience. 
Thinly sliced meat are gently stirred in a pot of bubbling konbu dashi (broth made with kelp) and dipped in a citrusy ponzu or goma (sesame) sauce. It is also recommended to end the meal on a lip smacking note by pouring a bowl of rice into the remaining broth to make delicious zousui (Japanese porridge).

There are four different Shabu Shabu sets to satisfy your cravings.

*While stocks last

1. Momoiro Buta Shabu Shabu set ($33/pax) which consists of Japanese black porkcollar & belly
2. Kurobuta Shabu Shabu set ($29 /pax) which consists of USA black pork collar & belly
3. Wagyu Beef Plus set ($35/pax) which consists of premium Hokkaido wagyu beef anda choice of Japanese black pork collar or belly
4. Kaisen Aosanori Shabu Shabu set ($34/pax) which consists of assorted seafood.

All sets are served with your choice of soup base - tori paitan (milky chicken broth),tonkotsu (creamy pork broth), wadashi (Japanese seaweed broth) or pirikara yuzu (spicycitrus broth), assorted vegetables, rice, souzai, fruit and chawanmushi.




Seoul Garden Hotspot (JP2 #B1-46)
Seoul Garden HotPot is an extended brand of the famous Seoul Garden brand that is renowned in the past 30 years for its 2-in-1 Korean-styled BBQ and steamboat buffet.For busy PMETs who enjoy Seoul Garden’s food but tied with time constraints, Seoul Garden HotPot, separates from the buffet concept,filling the void in offering ala-carte Korean Cuisine served with flair and style where patrons can enjoy great Korean food of their choices at value-for-money prices.The name Hot Pot reflects their two main courses in their menu: the pipinghot and savory stews and stocks; and the appetising mixed rice, the Bibim Bap – both staples of Korean culinary traditions.

Premium Seafood Hot Pot with choice of Miso/Kimchi JjigaeSoup base
A dish full of fresh seafood such as Scallop, Abalone, white clam and prawn. With all time favourite glass noodles and providing a complete meal as it is served with a bowl of rice.

Price: $16.90

Korbi Grill (JP2 #B1-45)

 Grilled Beef Ribeye Steak
The hot lava stone cooks your steak for approximately 20 minutes at over 300 degree Celsius

1 choice of sauce:

-Spicy Bulgogi

-Korean Mushroom

1 choice of Side:

-Waffle fries,

-Seasonal sautéed Veg



180 gm -$21.90
250 gm -$25.90

I had the 250gm, Korean Mushroom sauce, tteokbokki and waffle fries. I feel the portion is quite generous and the meat is tender and juicy.

 Tteokbokki- This is a little spicy. But I really like them!
Korbi Frost
It is a Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Dessert only available at Korbi Grill!

Have fun diy-ing your icecream at Korbi Grill !


Chef’s Noodle (JP2 #B1-45)
A Korean-Japanese Fusion Cuisine, Chef’s Noodle prides itself with its simple and conventional noodle concoctions. With noodles, or ‘Guksoo’ in Korean, form as the core of their menu items, personally ‘crafted’ by a South Korea’s Celebrity Chef Personality –Chef Choi In Sun.

Chef's Guksoo Choice of Beef/Pork Broth
The Signature Noodle Dish- Soft textured noodles in concentrated, savoury-sweet flavoured beef broth (Chef’s Guksoo) that comes with a tinge of slight peppery aftertaste. 

To add depth to the broth, topped with a slowly stewed Pork Bulgogi, and a healthy dose of fresh vegetable garnishes.

Price: $13.90
Thai Express, #B1-65/66/67
The concept of the resturant is inspired by the needs of customers who want to dine amidst a relaxed yet contemporary ambience with no strict rules on decorum, still enjoy fantastically authentic Thai cuisine and at very reasonable prices. 

Best of all, they can enjoy whether in a group or alone, kudos to our unique serving style of individual portions. It is a bold interpretation of Thai cuisine, from the usual exotic positioning in fine dining restaurants, and communal dining style, no doubt. But, we have been Successful as proven in more than 30 restaurants in countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore achieved in the past 10 years. Our appeal has now achieved a global standing amongst customers from a myriad of countries. 
More than just a restaurant, we are a destination for you to convene with friends, share, dine and enjoy the experience of Thai indigenous spices, good food and great service.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup - $ 9.50

Massaman Curry Chicken served with Thai Pancakes - $13.90
-       More than 20 ingredients cooked and simmered to perfections
-       Dish was awarded CNN Go No. 1

 Curry Soft Shell Crab served with Jasmine Rice - $12.90
Exclusive specially created dish from 13 years ago

 Phat Thai Seafood - $12.90
Woo Ricebox #B1-60/61

Widely known in Taiwan as Woo (悟饕池上飯包), we are a well-known brand of over 70 years. Serving traditional Taiwan rice boxes (made of wood) <<池上飯包>>.
Here are some of the recommended dishes to try!!!

It was a very heartwarming, satisfying & authentic meal!
They are great for takeaway!!!

Railway Pork Chop Ricebox $ 9.90
The meat is tender and tasty!

 Spicy Drumstick Ricebox $8.90
This set comes with braised egg, vegetables, tau gua, slice of sausage!
I love the fried chicken (Big portion)! It is crispy on the outside and the meat is moist and not dry! Try it!
Braised Minced Pork Ricebox $6.80
We all know that Taiwanese Cuisine is often known for their braised meat and you find braised minced pork rice  everywhere in Taiwan. The dish is yet simple but heartwarming to me! There is preserved vegetables, braised egg and minced meat on top of the fragrance rice. 
Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken $4.20
You can either buy them for as a munching snack on it own or even have them as a side dishes with rice for your meal. Warn you first, it is very addictive!

You can also complete your meal with Double Boiled Soup  $4.50
I am a "Soup" person and I really love soup with my meal! This soup is very comforting and come with a large pork meatball or some call it the Lion's head (獅子頭)!

I was told Even rice grains are specially imported from Taitung just to ensure that our customers taste the authentic & natural flavours, even in Singapore.
They also sell Gong Cha!!! 
So if you are a fan of Gongcha, you can also grab them at Woo!


Start accumulating your BEST OF ASIAN FOOD UNDER ONE ROOF food Prints and stand a chance to WIN A TRIP!!! (Collect your passport at the customer service counters today!)

Click here to find out more.

Jurong Point Shopping Mall: 
1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886

* This post is brought to you in partnership by Jurong Point.



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