First "3D Printer Solar Powered Car"

Ilmi Wahab and Ng Kok Choong shows you that in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), it is not impossible to achieve something beyond what you expected of yourself initially.

Both Ilmi Wahab and Ng Kok Chong are part of a team of NTU students who took their personal time off to pursue their dreams of building something unique to help the environment. They took into considerations of the rising demand of cars worldwide to come up with an idea that relies on a sustainable alternative energy to reduce the reliance on the finite natural resources. The focus on the usage of solar power has been studied over numerous years as its a infinite energy source that could be drawn continuously but the technology to harness such energy has still rooms for improvement. Despite the fact that they were initially not familiar on how to operate even the most important part of the vehicle, which is none other than the combustion engine, they still manage to prove others wrong in creating a wonderful product.

They were both part of the team that built the first "3D Printer Solar Powered Car"

Despite the constraints and commitments, it is really commendable that the students were able to dedicate their time into making the impossible, possible despite their hectic schedule in school. This shows that is feasible to pursue your own personal dreams as long as you have the determination, perseverance and patience to do so. As they were part of the NTU team that made the very first 3D printed solar powered car. It is not easy, but the teamwork that they exhibited in making this possible is definitely commendable.

It is through the support of all the amazing people you meet everyday in NTU that guides you into fulfilling your dreams

It is not possible to yield a 100% results overnight but the encouragement and support from your peers in NTU will definitely make that possible. Their specificity in ensuring that all flaws are rectified by maximizing all aspects of the solar car is very inspirational indeed. Especially when they took into account of safety by ensuring the materials used are not only light but as safe as conventional ones too, which is the utmost importance when driving any sorts of vehicle. Their consistency in ensuring that every angle and aspects of the vehicle is taken into account to ensure that the weight is minimized while not compromising on safety, which shows how critical thinking skills in NTU are put to good use. The cultivation of such skills at such levels has shown that is wise to consider enrolling into this amazing school. 

Moreover, their hard works and efforts were paid off as they gained recognition through the different awards received at different competitions.

NTU’s four Awards at the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia
NTU’s 3D printed car won 4 awards as team NTU turns in Singapore’s best performance at Shell Eco-marathon, #SEM2016
NTU Venture 8 (Singapore’s first 3D printed eco-car)
- Vehicle Design Award
- Communications Award
- Safety Award
- Bronze: Urban Concept (Battery Electric) category
NTU Venture 9 (NTU’s three-wheel racer)
- Technical Innovation Award
- Bronze: Prototype (Battery Electric) category

Not only did they won numerous outstanding awards, they also made good memories together at their lab and they found that it is fulfilling experience doing so

It is not all about grades in NTU as they also focus on experience and journey, which is what makes NTU the ideal place and location to study in. Do take a breather and consider this, as this decision is definitely going to be a live changing one. Your choice determines the fate on how you will be spending your time in the next few years. You will have to consider what you decide to achieve in life before deciding on which path you would like to take. The inspirational story of achieving something beyond what you could ever expect from yourself justifies how a choice made in life can impact your future. It is better to know that you have tried your best, than to give up at very beginning. It is through experience that makes us grow to a better person. Thus, the freedom that NTU provides in allowing you to pursue your own desires in life is the utmost importance.

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Thus, from their determination in pursuit of their dreams regardless of any obstacles present, has shown how all of you guys out there could do the same even if you are pursuing your University Degree at Nanyang Technological University. Nothing is impossible in NTU, for as long as you have the proper mind set, everything is possible.

I hope his inspirational story will give you more confidence to enrol yourself into NTU as it is seriously a school that understands and support your personal choices in life. So enrol yourself into NTU today at and let NTU make wonders happen .

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Everyone has their own personal aspiration and pursuing it during your journey in NTU is totally possible! So make the right decisions today by choosing the right school for your university education.

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