What's new at McDonald’s® in Feb 2019?

Satisfy your insatiable appetite for deliciousness with McDonald’s®
all-new Crispy Chicken and returning breakfast favourite, McGriddles®

SINGAPORE, 27 February 2019 – Starting from tomorrow (28 February), McDonald’s Singapore® inviteseveryone to take a bite into the all-new Crispy Chicken and indulge in the returning breakfast favourite –the delicious McGriddles®.

With the Crispy Chicken, Every Part is Your Favourite Part Down to the Last Bite

Crispy Chicken,
from S$6.20

Experience crispy, tender and juicy love from the first bite to the last with McDonald’s® new Crispy Chicken,a generous piece of juicy, tender thigh meat, completely covered with a crispy coating and fried to perfection.Highly flavourful, mildly spicy chicken that hits the spot every single time, the Crispy Chicken is availablefrom $6.20 a-la-carte (2pcs) starting from 28 February at all McDonald’s® restaurants and via McDelivery® and GrabFood while stocks last

Twister Fries™, from S$3.40 a-la-carte
or just S$0.70 to upgrade your Extra Value Meal™ fries
Take your taste buds to the next level and upgrade your Extra Value Meal™ with our golden curls of Twister Fries™, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, for just S$0.70!

Eat, Drink and Repeat with the Crispy Chicken Feast – You’ll Never Get Enough of It!

Crispy Chicken Feast, from S$9.80
For the ultimate, all-rounder experience, treat yourself to the Crispy Chicken Feast, which includes the Crispy Chicken (2pcs), Twister Fries™ (M), Chocolate Pie and Peach McFizz®, available from S$9.80 atall restaurants and via McDelivery® and GrabFood while stocks last.

Enjoy Every Mouthful of Crispiness, Juiciness and Tenderness with Friends and Family!

For Crispy Chicken fanatics who believe that sharing is caring, McDonald’s Singapore® is launching two special editions of the Happy Sharing Box® as a way to connect and bond with friends and family over its irresistible taste.

Happy Sharing Box® C – Crispy Chicken (2pcs) & McWings® (4pcs) from S$9.20
Happy Sharing Box® D – Crispy Chicken (5pcs) from S$14.60

Featuring Crispy Chicken (2pcs) and McWings® (4pcs), the Happy Sharing Box® C, available from $S9.20,provides customers with the best of both worlds, while Happy Sharing Box® D, available from S$14.60,includes the Crispy Chicken (5pcs) for our most avid Crispy Chicken supporters. Both Happy Sharing Box®options are available starting 28 February, at all restaurants and via McDelivery® and GrabFood while stocks last.

Wake Up to the Limited Edition Breakfast, the McGriddles® – Available for a Limited Time Only!

 Sausage McGriddles® from S$4.50 a-la-carte,
or from S$5.10 for an Extra Value Meal™
Sausage McGriddles® with Egg from S$5.40 a-la-carte,
or S$6.00 for an Extra Value Meal™
Join the hype and grab the Sausage McGriddles® and Sausage McGriddles® with Egg, available for a limited time only from S$4.50 and S$5.40 a-la-carte respectively, at all McDonald’s® restaurants 1 and via McDelivery® and GrabFood while stocks last. Featuring a delicious chicken sausage patty sandwiched between soft, maple-flavoured griddle cakes, these Limited Edition breakfast favourites will make breakfast great again with their return on 28 February. Excludes McDonald’s Science Centre and McDonald’s LIDO

Treat Yourself to Our Irresistible, Indulgent Chocolate Pie

Chocolate Pie, from S$1.50

Finish your meal on a sweet note by indulging in McDonald’s® returning, popular Chocolate Pie, a warm and decadent treat filled with molten chocolate that’s irresistibly chocolatey. Available from S$1.50, the Chocolate Pie awaits all chocolate lovers after breakfast hours at all McDonald’s® restaurants, DessertKiosks, and via McDelivery® and GrabFood, while stocks last.