Savour the delicious taste of Singapore with the Laksa and Rendang burgers at BURGER KING

It is that time of the year where BURGER KING® celebrates the true-blue taste of multi-cultural Singapore with the delicious new Laksa burger, along with the return of everybody’s favourite Rendang burger, for a limited time only.
From 16 July 2019 onwards, the mouth-watering Laksa burger will make its debut and bring much delight to all fans of the much beloved local dish. The Laksa dish is traditionally made up spiced broth bearing the appetizing rich colour of turmeric, cooked with coconut milk and dried shrimp, cockles, prawns and fishcake; lending to its appetizingly complex flavour. 
At BURGER KING®, the savoury treat is presented in two delicious burgers – the Laksa Double Beefburger and the Laksa Tendercrisp® Chickenburger.
The Laksa Double Beef burger is made up of two delectable layers of 100% beef patties, spread with two layers of wholesome Laksa sauce cooked with dried shrimp for that authentic local flavour, hard-boiled egg, refreshing sliced cucumbers for added crunchiness and a balanced taste, and all enveloped within a fluffy sesame seed bun.

Fancy having a taste of Laksa with tender chicken patty? Chicken lovers can enjoy the Laksa Tendercrisp® Chicken burger which is tastefully assembled with a Tendercrisp® Chicken patty, a dollop of Laksa sauce, hard-boiled egg, and fresh cucumber slices, all within a sesame seed bun.
Joining the celebration is the Rendang burger, a top favourite since it made its yearly return in 2017. The Rendang Beef burger ensemble is made up of two succulent 100% beef patties, spread twice over with a generous amount of aromatic Rendang sauce, freshly chopped crunchy onion; all resting in between a sesame seed bun.
Those who prefer to sink their teeth into succulent chicken with Rendang can enjoy the Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken burger which is made up of scrumptious Tendergrill® Chicken patty, Rendang sauce, chopped onions; assembled between a sesame seed bun.
The BURGER KING® Laksa or Rendang burgers is selling at S$6.50 for ala carte orders. A Laksa or Rendang burger Value Meal is selling at S$7.90, comprising a medium pack of French fries and a small Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink, and a Laksa or Rendang burger Upsize Meal is selling at S$8.50, comprising a large pack of French fries and a medium Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink.
For more information on BURGER KING® and its current promotions, please visit



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