F&N NutriSoy Regular No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk for the discerning consumer

When it comes to an ideal diet, less is often more. Betterinformed, today’s consumer is discerning and very much aware of the impact food choices have on their health. The F&N NutriSoy range offers a delicious beverage that contributes to a healthy and balanced diet. Recently added to the range is F&N NutriSoy Regular No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk, a new edition to its range of Healthier Choice soya milk drinks.

Low in Glycemic Index (GI), the F&N NutriSoy Regular No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk contains three times more protein and 28 times more calcium compared to other soya bean drinks. Soya beans are the only vegetable source that contains all the essential amino acids and are rich in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, B-vitamins and zinc. Soy protein and isoflavones found in soy milk are able to lower total cholesterol and low density lipoproteins (‘bad’ cholesterol).

Keeping an eye on our consumption patterns can be the key to a long and healthy life. About one in two Singaporeans select their food thoughtfully, omitting foods or ingredients that are perceived to be not good for them (Nielsen Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment Survey, 2016). The survey reports that Singaporeans prefer a low fat diet or low sugar diet and avoid non-natural, artificial ingredients, such as preservatives and flavourings.

More well-informed individuals are also opting for low Glyemic Index (GI) diet. The GI classifies food based on how quickly and how high it raises blood sugar levels. The lower the GI value, the slower it will be digested and the slower it will raise blood sugar levels. This sustained release of blood sugar keeps the body satiated and fuels the body longer, assisting in diabetes and weight management. Soybeans have long been classified as a low GI food because of their high protein and dietary fibre contents.

Photo Credits: F&N Foods
It, therefore, comes as no surprise that F&N NutriSoy, which is made from superior grade soybeans without artificial flavourings and preservatives and are non-genetically modified (GMO). F&N NutriSoy Regular No Sugar Added (without Omega) Fresh Soya Milk is the ideal beverage to complement a healthy lifestyle. The F&N NutriSoy range carries the Healthier Choice Symbol by Health Promotion Board, and is halal-certified and suitable for vegetarians. It is also supported by the Singapore Heart Foundation as a heart-friendly drink.

F&N NutriSoy Regular No Sugar Added (without Omega) Fresh Soya Milk retails at the Recommended Selling Price of S$2.35 per 1-litre pack. They are available in major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected convenience stores.