Have you ever been with your mates to a karaoke party and are you constantly wondering what it would be like to have a live band performing behind you while you dance and sing your hearts out?

Bandkara is here to create your dream – a real life band setting. Bandkara is an authentic Japanese live band karaoke restaurant and bar concept from Tokyo. The Japanese live band can play 250,000 songs according to your choice, regardless of any language. You will be spoilt for choices, selectively picking your songs and rushing up to the stage to grab your microphone immediately. With friends singing along, it is a fun place to be looking forward to.

Three professional band members, Kaito Kawade(24), Sho Nakajimi(29), Shingo Okada(33),  was handpicked from different musical backgrounds to form the dream band. It allows singer to gain instant confidence. 

For the guest who opts to enjoy themselves just by listening to performances, chill and indulge in Bandkara’s delicious menu. 

Satisfy that late-night hunger with these signature dishes like:
• Super Mario – (S$9.90)
• Japanese Chix (S$13.90)
• Curly, Curly (S$9.90)
• Chicken, Prawn, or Me? (S$10.90)
• Hot & Sexy (S10.90)
• Hay, Hay, Hay (S$10.90)

Food name accurately describes their appearances and it’s so cute! Order the finger food by guessing what it is!

To pair up with such mouth-watering dishes, BandKara’stop recommendation comes in various special concoction:

For the light-drinkers:
1. Tokyo Iced Tea (S$8) – contains 11% alcohol content, contains House
Vodka (Absolute Blue), House Rum, House Gin, House Tequila, Triple Sec,
Sweet & Sour Mix, Sprite, Melon Liquor
2. Tequila Sunrise ($9) – contains S7% alcohol content, House Tequila,
Grenadine Syrup, Orange Juice

For the non-drinkers:
1. Shirley Temple (S$4.80) – contains Lemon juice, Grenadine syrup
2. Lychee Ribena Soda (S$4.80) – contains Ribena syrup, Soda water

Finally, who doesn’t like big party celebrationCertainly,not me :P. Table charges are as follows:
• $500 per table from 9PM – 3AM (Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday, and Public
• $500 per table from 12AM – 6AM (Friday – Saturday, and Eve of Public Holiday)

However, if you would like to kill some time, here are the charges:
Hourly charges for customers are:
• $20 per person from 9PM – 11PM
• $25 per person from 11PM to closing

The party don’t start when the idol in you doesn’t walk onto the stage, what are you waiting for?

To celebrate its official opening, BandKara will be offering 1 free drink (alcohol/nonalcohol)to its first 500 customers!

Unwind and chill at BandKara with your favorite band of friends and step on the stage torelease that superstar that’s been kept in for too long!
BandKara by Bistro8 is also available for booking for private events, birthday celebrations,corporate functions; simply email for more information.

Written by Jin Wei