TNP- The Dating Challenge 2009 is ending soon

Yes, it is soon coming to the end for the 8 of us (4 guys & 4gals).

Now looking back...

This was the first time I appeared in newspaper so much

and it is on every Sunday's THE NEW PAPER for a consecutive of 5 weeks.

I will miss you guys all...
I will remember each and everyone of you!!!

Thanks Wee Teck and Magdaline for the wonderful planning all this while!

Xin Ku Le!

The shortlisted contestants

The 8 Finalists went photoshoot

The Sandcastle Building

The Pizza Making

The Laser Quest

All activities were unforgetable and fun!

I enjoyed all the activities and I guessed the rest also enjoyed as much as I do!

And Wee Teck recently informed me that there is a last activity which will be a Get-together Dinner for us at River View Hotel.

I bet everyone is looking forward for that!

Pray that everyone can make it on that day as I understand it quite hard to accommodate to each and everyone timing.

I think that we will have one last article, so stay tune for the final article that will be on The New Paper.



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