F&N- "Green Hornet Me And My Sidekick" Contest

Last Saturday (22/01/2011), I was at Bugis Junction with my good buddy or my good side-kick for "The Green Hornet, Me And My Side-kick" Contest presented by F&N!

We were Team No.3!

F&N is always very generous!
They gave free drinks to the people at Bugis Junction!

Many people stepped forward and tasted the F&N Seasons Green Tea!
You must be wondering who is my best friend and also side-kick right?

Yes! He is Edison! We both decided to wear black tee with white berm...
But in the end we were given this "Green Hornet" Tee to wear...
I think we looked great with same tee and similar coloured berm.

So nice of the F&N's girls to pour the drinks for us!

A toss with my side-kick before starting the battle on stage!

Battle started!
There were altogether 4 rounds we both have to go through together!

1st round- Puzzle game
2nd Round- Shooting game
3rd Round- Catch the "F&N" drinks with the net
4th Game: "You Draw I guess" game

Result: We lost!
But nvermind, most important we both had fun during the game!
Through the game I also got to know more about my good buddy, Edison too!
So I still win in fact.... How often you get to play this 4 games with your good friend...
I enjoyed the games...

A picture posing with the Host, Ling Darling before leaving the stage.

Each of us walked home with this Consolation Prize:

-1 carton of F&N Green Tea
-2 bottle of F&N Green Tea
- One foldable green bag
- 1 pack of F&N fun magnet
- 1 "Green Hornet" microfiber cleaner
-1 "Green Hornet" tee (The one we wearing for the contest)

Thanks F&N & Incinemas!