Come celebrate at MOF Singapore Suntec

Come celebrate at MOF Suntec this February!

There are 2 occasions this month- Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! Inconjunction with the 2 occasions, MOF welcomes you to celebrate them with their special menu.

Chinese New Year-
Go for "Lou Hei" with your friends & family
Valentine's Day- Enjoy a romantic dinner with your bf/gf or friends.

From left: Calvin, myself, Mint, Hong Peng & Yongwei

Where did we went:
MOF の My Izakaya
#B1-40/41/42 Suntec City Mall
(Fountain Terrace)

Chinese New Year is around the corner and if you have not "Lou Hei"...
Why not try the

is made with mixed of freshest shredded carrot and raddish, together with traditional Yusheng ingredients and sauce, and of course topped-up with abundance of Salmon Sashimi, Chuka Fukahire (Golden "Imitation Shark's fin") and Chukan Kurage (Jelly Fish), for the exquisite Japanese Touch.

What ingredients are in MOF PROPESRITY YUSHENG ?

-Salmon Slice
-White sour ginger strips
-Red sweetened ginger strips
-Preserved mixed melon strips
-Preserved melon strips
-Preserved cucumber strips
-Sweetened lime strips
-Preserved leek strips
-Chuka Kurage
-Chuka Fukahire
-Mash peanut
-Fried sesame
-Pok chui
-Cinnamon powder
-Pepper powder

What is Yusheng?
Yusheng, 鱼生, is a raw fish salad dish consumed during Chinese New Year.

This dish normally consists of strips of raw fish and vegetables mixed with spices and sauces. The ingredients are presented separately and are mixed together either by the waitress or diners.

When the ingredients are added, diners begin the ritual of “lo hei”, 捞起, when they stand around the dish to toss the ingredients as high as possible to symbolize rising prosperity.

This action is usually accompanied by shouts of “huat”, 发, meaning prosperity.

I personally love Yusheng a lot and will eat them during Chinese New Year!
I think this is the time I eat veggies the most and I find it so appetizing !

(Click on above picture for larger view)

MOF @ My Izakaya (Suntec) serves hot green tea.

I love their green tea and I can drink up to 5-6 cups every visit.

Keep the festive spirit up, let us cheers!

Me and my friend loves to cheers with Green Tea!

For this month, it is not only Chinese New Year! LOVE
is in the air too... 14 Feb 2011 is Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. It's also the time to shower your significant other with gifts of love and proclamations of undying devotion..

It is also a day to show your love to your buddy, friends too!

Plan this special day to go out with your buddy, treat him/her to a meal on Valentine's Day!

(Click on above picture for larger view)

Celebrate your Valentine's Day at MOF Suntec from 9-14 Feb 2011.

They have a Valentine's Day Set Meal for 2 for only $58.80*.

-2 sets with any of the below 4 choices (Teriyaki Salmon/Beef Slice/Unagi/Salmon Belly)
-2 cups of Chawanmushi
-2 bowl of Japanese Baked Rice
-2 pot of Seafood Soup

Strawberry Kurain

Optional Add-Ons:
-*Four For You (Specially Selected 4 Pieces Sushi @$8)
-Strawberry White Wine (Per glass @$8.80)

Choice 1: Salmon Belly

Choice 2: Salmon Slice

Choice 3: Beef Slice

Choice 4: Unagi

Chawanmushi - Deliciously served in a cup with ingredients like prawn and mushroom inside. I like the smooth taste!

Japanese Baked Rice- It is baked freshly and delicious!

Optional on the menu: Strawberry White Wine ($8.80 per glass)

Toss for the Love or Friendship!!!

This dessert is included in the set meal too!

Strawberry Kurain consists of 1 dessert of Strawberry Gelato, Softserve Icecream, Mixed Friuts, Red Bean, Kanten Jelly)

It is always good to share good stuff!
This combination is very unique and I love it alot. especially the add on of fruits to it!

Don't you want to TRY IT too?

There is also a FREE DOOR GIFT for couple ordering the set meal from the Valentine's Day Menu.

For the couple: This will be your ideal place for dining with your gf/bf on Valentine's Day!

Ideal place for friend too!

Celebrate your friendship!

Have a Toss with your good friend!

Join as a member today for just $10 and enjoy the following benefit:

-2 year membership benefits

-10% all year round

-2% rebate dollars

-Member complimentary drink

-Complimentary Birthday Dessert

-20% off selected Member’s meal and dessert

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