We dated Silver Ang out to Lorong Halus Bridge!!!


Hi everyone,
Last week, Me & Shaun had a DATE with SILVER ANG (Full Time Artiste & Blogger) to Lorong Halus Bridge!!! It was truly a rare opportunity to be able to date a pretty girl  like Silver out from her busy schedule.

It was our 1st time to Lorong Halus Bridge and we were really excited!!! This bridge actually connecting Punggol Promenade to Lorong Halus Wetland. We did not spend much time at the Lorong Halus Wetland though because by the time we actually crossed the bridge to reach there, it was already quite dark already. But we had fun exploring new places and also dinner together at a Japanese Restaurant in Puggol Promenade where we had more time chatting together. And it was also during the dinner we got to interview Silver on her Dreams & Aspiration.


Silver Ang's Dreams & Aspirations
Silver's childhood dream has always been in acting and she described herself being able to try out different roles in acting A THRILL FOR HER. She exclaimed, "You can leave everything behind, and be who you may never be in real life. One moment you're a nurse, next you're a policewoman, suddenly you're pregnant and married to a poor karang guni man, or you could go back in time to 'relive' the 30's...or go back to WWII... Acting excites me. It's like watching a movie, or reading a book, where u're transported somewhere far away...where ur current bills, relationship woes, messy bedroom, undone laundry....doesn't matter... Except this time you ARE the character, even for a while."

Love For Performing & Dancing
Silver had this love for performing that made her want to be an Artiste so much.
She was in the Drama Club in primary school. As well as the Chinese Dance Club (like many other girls were). In high school, she said she was lucky to have been part of the prestigious Dance Society, one of the best amongst schools then. She still love dancing and she claimed that dancing is in her blood. 

Pursuing her DREAM
When she watched Step Up, she got inspired to do dancing again and even on a stage performing! It was this love for performing that made her want to be an artiste so much. 
And because she wanted to pursue her DREAMS so much, she actually gave up Hwa Chong for Polytechnic (One of the best course there).

With no regret, because IMMEDIATELY after polytechnic in 2005, 绝对Superstar (Channel U’s inaugural Project Superstar reality singing competition) started and she got into the 2nd Runner-Up position. Subsequently she got into Mediacorp and did part-time acting for about 1 year. By twist of fate, she went into SIA as an air stewardess for 3 years.

She exclaimed that the 3 years as an Air Stewardess had certainly been a fruitful working experience for her as she get to see the world, meet people and learn many new things.

And NOW she is a full-time artiste cum blogger at http://thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com/. 

The dimpled 26-year-old actress-host was featured as Singapore’s first Chinese showbiz personality to headline a Tamil-language production just last year 2011.

In that Tamil drama series "Vyjayanthi: My Fair Lady", which was premiered over Vasantham channel on 16 Feb 2011, Ang played the title character, Vvjayanthi, a Chinese girl adopted at birth by an Indian family. 

When I asked was she afraid of taking up this role?  "Perhaps it’s due to my previous background as a cabin crew member… Not only am I used to coming in contact with people of different races and cultures, I’m also very keen on trying new experiences,’ she explained."

Some viewers have started calling Ang the poster girl for racial harmony too.
Said Ang with a laugh: ‘I don’t mind being recognised as the actress who does all these crossover projects. It’s a compliment.'

Do you also know that the talented actress had not only appeared in Channel 8, Channel 5, Channel U, Suria Channel, Vasantham Channel and now leaving with Okto (referring to the local children’s channel) which she haven't yet appeared on. And I'm sure if there is an opportunity to work with Okto Channel, the humble actress will not reject their offer.

I'm really impressed with Silver Ang for not giving up and the way she pursued on her DREAM!!! I'm sure one day she will be even more FAMOUS than now!!!

1. During these years, what are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?
I think the greatest challenge comes in the form of the roles presented to me. Each character has her own life, her own background, her own story which defines who she is. It is creating all these which is challenging. I try to watch and understand different people and their personality as much as I can so as to get material for character creation.

2. Is there anyone that inspires you?
Quite a few! I love Jolin Tsai for her perseverance over the years and the amount of hard work she is willing to put in to get to where she is. People say she has the luck, but honestly, if an opportunity comes to you and you don't know how to make the most of it, it's as good as zero. I also love Natalie Portman and Mandy Moore (where has she gone????) for their choices in the many unconventional roles they have done. I believe in getting out of my own comfort zone, and trying out many different things.

3. Understand that you had tried TV hosting, Acting, Appearance in Music Video, what else do you wish to try next?
I really really want to still pursue a career in singing which allows me to dance. It has been a dream since I was in high school. Dance has always been my first love, and if I can incorporate it into my career, it would be fantastic. I also have a passion not many people know about, and that is houses. When I was living in the hostel in high school (my hostel was along Vanda Road in Bt Timah), I would wake up early on weekends to go jogging in the neighbourhood just so I could look at the houses and how people do them up. After I bought my first car, property-watching became something I did more often. I suppose dealing with properties is something I will go into eventually. When you do things that you enjoy, you will always make time for them, and they will never feel like work.

4. What have you been busy with lately?
I just finished with filming one NTU Student FYP for their short film "Palindrome", and another short film "He Made Tea" with an interesting Korean co-actor. These are the first short films I've done and I found the experience wonderfully refreshing! I've also just completed my parts in MediacorpChannel 8's "Yours Fatefully", and I'm currently still working on "Joys of Life", a 1960s/70s show. I love doing olden days dramas because they are so full of character! The costumes, the colours... Wow~

I'm also on a Denizen Campaign "We Are Explorers". They have selected 6 personalities from different countries to go on missions in 3 different countries. You can find out more about it on http://www.denizen.com/explorers/site.php. I'm gonna be on Season 3 to China starting next week, and I can't wait for my trip!!!

5. During your free time, what do you like to do?
I LOVE reading. I believe investing in your own education and upgrading yourself is something that's very important. School never taught us how to be financially free, and it's something I want for myself so I can better enjoy the things that I love doing without worrying about money. Don't we all? I also love listening to songs and learning them. Singing's one of my loves, remember?

6. What kind of dance do you like?
Will you judge me if I say I love Chinese Dance? A lot of people have this misconception that Chinese Dance is very ching chong. There are so many different types of dance just in Chinese Folk Dance alone, because of the many tribes, and each tribe comes with their very own distinctive style.

I also love jazz and funk, that's the modern side of me speaking. Lol~

7. Do you ever perform dancing on stage?
I have. When I was in school! I've been working with Jitterbugs on their annual recital "Wanna Dance 2012", and this year I'm going to be involved in their Lyrical Jazz item! So this shall be my first ever dance performance in 10 years!

8. What do you want to say to those youth who are also pursuing on their dream?
GO FOR IT! As cliched as it may sound, you only live once. Do the things that you want to do. Get out of your comfort zone, be who you are, NOT who others want you to be.  It may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

Silver & Shaun

Silver & myself

Myself, Silver & Shaun

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Thanks Silver Ang for taking her time off  to share with 
her thoughts and experiences with us!

I hoped everyone can work hard and make their dreams come true too!!!

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