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Hi everyone,
Can I have a show of hands who had bid before? Please raise up your hands now.
Hemm... you don't have to raise your hand la... cause I can't see anyway... But if you did thanks!!!

Personally I have tried bidding at site like Yahoo and Ebay but right now there is a even more cooler site which I found and wanna share with everyone here.
Well not sure if you had heard of
  • is Singapore’s premium online entertainment shopping website, offering you the latest in technological and lifestyle products and services at the best possible prices!

  • A huge variety of gadgets, games, fashion and accessories are placed on sale daily. Like something you see? Make an instant purchase at Shop! Want the thrill of the chase, that competitive edge or the excitement of bidding? You’ll get that and more at Auctions. They also have daily sales on our Sales site – these limited quantity items are awesome deals, often heavily discounted, and sell very quickly – so don’t miss out!

  • is an online site to suit all shoppers – so take your time, explore your options and most importantly, have fun! Get the best deals at the best prices, and giving you the best online shopping experience!

You got to check out cause they had just launched their all-new platform!
Well the all-new platform allow user to bid  for their favourite items, shop on their shop and also enjoy SUPER HOT DEALS for all-exclusive members. 

So what exactly is difference between

You need to be a member in order to see the price for all the items at’s all-exclusive members-only sale . All items are on very special discount on a limited period.
Wanna bid for a MacBook Air? 
Now you can at

With this 3 simple step, you can start bidding your favourite items!!!
So EASY!!!

Check out their online shop at
Woo... This will be good for  who frequent use their mobile when they are outside like me.
I so need one of this!!! Check out more items selling at

Ongoing sale!!!
These items are sold on limited period and only being a member, you get to see the price.


A Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Crazy Color PRG-110C-2DR Blue 

selling at (U.P S$400S$222 for member!!!

More on-going sale for member at


Try bidding and shopping at today!!!
"Like"’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter too! 
Don't forget to check out their blog at’s Blog too! 

Have fun bidding and shopping at the same time! =)



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  2. Only advertising and marketing are fanciful.
    Actually, an online gambling / PONZI site.

    Numerous complaints e.g.
    Bidding is rigged
    Fake bidders
    Site crash and malfunction often.
    Auctions can be closed, extended and re-opened by administrator.
    Delayed deliveries.
    No original receipts.
    No valid warranties for products won/purchased.
    Site cancel auction on "technical issues" when you win with low bid.

    See for full list of complaints.