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Guest blogging for OnlyWilliam 

Being a guest blogger allow you to write and publish your articles on another person's site or blog. The host blogger will include a link back to your blog at the end of your article. This is a great way to get connected with new readers and get your name out (particularly if you are new to the blogging scene). Here at OnlyWilliam, we welcome you become our guest blogger and contribute interesting Food,Travel, Tech, Beauty, or lifestyle articles for our readers.

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Benefit of being a Guest Blogger for OnlyWilliam

You can get exposure for your own website/blog! You will get fully acknowledged for your post with your author bio and link to your website/blog mentioned at the bottom of the post. (However I reserve the final publish rights for guest contributions)

Guest Blogger Criteria: 

– Article should be minimum 500 words count
– The post needs to be exclusive for my blog and not published anywhere else on the web.
– The content should be on its own and not part of a content series on your blog.
– There should minimum one photo for the post. Please give clear instructions on where the photos should be placed in the content.
– Please submit your author bio, twitter handle and URL to your website/blog
– Feel free to use a keyword backlink to your own website.
– Proof-read and spell checked work.
– Guest posts should be on a topic that is on either Food, Travel, Social Media or Lifestyle.

Everyone have their own style of writing and I respect them. Please take some time to read through my blog post so that you can write something relevant to blog about. I believe everyone has their own writing style, I don’t mind if you cover a topic that I’ve already written about as we each have our own perspective on the topic, varying knowledge and writing skills.

 Also, please feel free to respond to any comments that are left on your guest post!

How to Submit Your Posts 

  • You may submit as many articles as you want as long as your content meets our the criteria above. 
  • Kindly send the text within a Word document and separately attach your image file(s).
  • For video files, you can host them on a reputable video-sharing site like Youtube or Vimeo and embedded appropriately within the article in the Word document.

Send the e-mail to me with the title: Guest Post Submission: [Your Article Title Here] by [Your Name]

I will generally reply within 24 to 48 hours.

Happy blogging! Looking forward to hear from you.



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