CNY reunion dinner with How's Catering

This Chinese New year 2021 definitely not be the same as what we normally have in the past. It is going to be a more muted kind of celebration for sure with the restriction of maximum of eight visitors per day, no more than two households per day, no shouting of the usual auspicious phrases (try the djbeng app with pre-recorded audio instead) during the Chinese New Year tradition of “lohei” and face masks should be worn during the tossing of yusheng. Well this are all in the name of public safety I supposed and we all should do our part especially during this period.
Reunion dinner is traditionally on the eve of the chinese new year and it is an important event for all Chinese. 
Thanks to the advanced technology, we still can have Zoom gathering sessions to stay connected with our friends and relatives.
To those who intend to skip the queue at reasturants and want to avoid the crowd and prefer to enjoy their reunion dinner with the family in the comfort of their home, you can check out How's Cathering- they offers a wide options of set menu from Traditional Reunion Feasting to Prosperity Bundles.
 Well if you are not satisfied with the menus, you can always create your own meal with their Build Your Own Meal (BYOM) with Asian-inspired dishes from 7 countries / regions.

I tried their PROSPERITY BUNDLE SET B @ $308.80($330.42 W/GST) and it is suitable for 8-10 pax.

Abundance Fortune Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon 聚宝鱼生盘

Stuffed Squid with Thai Pesto 烘烤香蒜酱墨鱼

Braised “XXL” Lion Head with Baby Abalone 红烧“巨无霸“狮子头烩鲍鱼

Wok Fried Prawn with Glass Vermicelli 明虾泰式冬粉

BYO Rojak In Pie Tee Shell (50 pcs) 虾酱沙拉娘惹金杯

Taro Ball Dessert with Bubble 黑白芋圆

My family love all the dishes! They are delicious and all ingredients used are fresh! We also had fun with the BYO Rojak In Pie Tee Shell and mixing our Taro Ball Dessert with bubble

Receive a COMPLIMENTARY LIMITED EDITION Ong Lye "Huat" Prosperous Pineapple Crumble Roulade when you order any of their hinese New Year AIR TRAVEL BUBBLE Prosperity Bundle Set. Available from 1st Feb to 28th Feb only.

Priced at $13.80 per roll ($14.77 w/gst), this Chinese New Year edition is light and fluffy full of tropical scent.

Hurry! Let the good times ROLL~
To place order please contact 9830 3430.

More information, visit



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