Going JB with Kiehl's gang (27th October 2008)

A few day ago (27th October 2008), me and a few good friends we went to Johor to relax and have some fun.
Knowing it was a holiday that day, we meet early and reach JB around 10am. When we reached there, we went shopping for awhile before getting our movie ticket for 2 movies. One ticket cost only RM $10.

After buying the tickets, we saw a banner on the wall stating Citibank member can actually get the ticket at RM$6.

What a waste right... But nevermind, the ticket at RM$10 rate is still very cheap compare to Singapore.

Didn't notice one of the actor in Tropic Thunder was actually Tom Cruise who acted as a fat old man in the show...

Here is a picture of Tom Cruise..

I think he is getting fat these days even without the dressing up....

We went Kim Gary in City Square

for our late lunch just after our 1st movie.

This was the baked rice with twin sauce I ate there!

Very cheap...

Each person pay around only Singapore $9 for a nice meal with drinks.

This was another nice movie we had watched there...

And guess what?

They both are the owner of this store named after their names!

Well looking forward for our next trip here again...

Next time we should go K-lunch, watch movie and shopping...

And not forgetting to makan there..

It's cheap!

Gary must join us next time hor!