Our 2nd month together...

Yes today 21.10.2008 was our 2nd month together.

Guess what I receive and what I gave her this month?

Yes I made her a self designed photo frame, the one and only in the whole world! Haha!

and another interesting thing I got her is a mobile printer!

What is a mobile printer?

This is actually a Fujifilm Pivi Mobile Printer.

This pocket-sized photo printer is for mobile phones. The Fuji Film Pivi as you can see in the photo fits in a back pocket.

The Fuji Film Pivi measures 126.5x98x29.5mm and weighs 205g (without batteries).

On a single battery charge 130 photos can be printed. A photo is printed in 21sec.

The Data transfer from the mobile phone using infra-red. Quite cool right!

Ya we had dinner at Mahanttan Fish Market at Plaza Sing and followed by a nice movie (
Nights In Rodanthe) at The Cathay. A nice movie with a sad ending...

Oh ya come to the part, what did I got?

I got 2 new vest from Jasmine! Thanks and I love them! Will wear them one day and show you guys how the vest looked like...


this 2 months had been the most wonderful experience in my entire life... Forgive me if I am insenstive sometime and caused some heat up which was really un-intentional.

I will be more caring and more loving toward you day by day...

And yes I will hold your hand and put super glue to it and confrim plus guarantee cannot slip away one... Hehe...

Love you dear... The best gf ever...

With love,