Exclusive- Singapore Dance Delight Preliminaries

Were you there at the
Singapore Dance Delight Preliminaries?

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 is proudly presented

by F&N Fun Flavours and produced by O School.

I was there for the Preliminaries which was held on

27 March 2010 outside Ngee Ann City.

Dance Delight is created by Mitsuhiro Harada a.k.a Machine. Machine is the leader of the legendary break dance team'Angel Dust Breakers’ in Japan.

In 1992, he founded the street dance promotion company ‘Adhip’ and started ‘Osaka Dance Delight’ which created a new wave of street dance culture from Osaka and the origin of all dance delight competitions.

In 1994, the first nation wide street dance competition in Japan took place, this was the 1st ‘Japan Dance Delight’.

After 16 years, Japan Dance Delight has become one of the biggest international street dance competition, participating cities/countries include Paris (France), New York (United States), Taipei (Taiwan), Shanghai (China), Seoul (South Korea) and Singapore.

The finals in Japan would attract audiences of up to 10,000 and the entire series of regional and cities level dance delight would attract thousands of contestants

(Click here to know more of Singapore Dance Delight.)

The crowd (Outside Ngee Ann City) was madness really!!!

Although there wasn't any seats provided, but the performances from the contestants made it worthwhile standing throughout!

I was one of them who stayed till the end of the competition!!!


That's the La Fuse and Joyce and the Boys

Here are some videos for you guys

who missed the


Thirsty? No worry k...

F&N providing you with free drinks

while you enjoying the performances too!

I got my free drink from the pretty ladies who were there giving out the drinks...

They are all very friendly!!!

The result for the 20 teams who got into the Finals is out!!!

The 20 teams who made it to the Finals:

1. Da’ Street Soulz
2. Look Behind!
3. Real Image
4. Funk Faction
5. No.Na.Me
6. Woo-hoo!
7. One Cru
8. Speed Limit
9. The Hardy Lockers
10. Elecoldxhot
11. Ladies & Gentlemen
12. Pink Dollarz
13. Basic 5
14. La Fuse
15. Joyce & The Boys
16. Kokoba Crew
17. Epic Crew
18. Flair Nation
19. Real Chic
20. Raw Street Code

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 FINALS (Don't miss this!!!)
18th April 2010, 7.30 PM
SCAPE - The Warehouse
2 Orchard Link #04 - 04
Singapore 237978

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Supporters and interested parties are encouraged to check the www.dancedelight.sg and http://www.fnn.com.sg regularly for promotions, updates and ticketing details for any of the competition dates.

More details on this exciting dance competition can be found on the official website -

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