Men Can Shape Their Eyebrows? Why not?

Singapore Guys nowaday are spending more and more time and money on gromming and learning how to properly shape eyebrows has become a necessary skill.

Whether you are just plucking away those unwanted hair, or shaping your eyebrows,
you are on the right path for a cleaner and more neat look .

Well afterall, girls want to look good and guys should look good too!

So for me I think
eyebrow shaping is alright for men to do too!

I still remembered I have a friend who had very thick eyebrows and having that thick eyebrows does not really make him look good.

So we went to
Browhaus to do our eyebrows together.
After the threading, his thick eyebrows is gone. He looked less fierce too!

So I think guys should do threading too once awhile!
It is just like haircut you have to do regularly to look good!

I'm recomending
Browhaus- $10 per session only.
I alway buy a 10 session package and free 1 session for only $100.

here to find out more.
You can have 1 session once every 2-3 weeks.
Then during the 2-3 weeks, you can get a tweezers
and maintain the eyebrow shape at home on your own to save money.

Tweezers can be found at Watsons or Guardian Phamarcy store.

Below are some of the eyebrows shaping article (Japanese Guys)

For starters, look at your eyebrows in a mirror.

Step back at least three feet so that you have a full, clear perspective of what your facial features.

Pluck your eyebrows when your pores are open.

This is either after a shower or after you have applied a hot face cloth to your skin for a few minutes.

Perfect eyebrows almost transcend the beauty of the face and make an immediate visible impact in a makeover session.

The best time to pluck your eyebrows are after you get out of the shower. The pores are still open and it doesn't sting quite as much.

Stopping to access your plucking progress will help measure your results and prevent over-plucking.

Eyebrow plucking should ideally be timed just before hitting the sack as the sleep time that follows allows any subsequent redness to disappear overnight.

Slant edge tweezers, which grip hairs easily, are best for shaping brows while combing hairs one way, then the other, helps remove loose strands.

Pluck hairs in the direction that they grow. Doing so will keep the hairs smooth and will hurt less.

Pluck stray hairs underneath the eyebrow arch and anything else outside the natural brow line. Eyebrow plucking tips to help you achieve beautiful eyebrows.

After plucking a few hairs, always stop to look at what you have done. You may be over-plucking and you might not even realize it.

Tips for eyebrow tweezing / plucking:

1. Do not tweeze too much.

2. The hair can be softened first with a hair conditioner or shaving cream.

3. If your brows are making the slight arc then you have the best brow.

4. Do clean skin. Brush your brows up and out.

5. Use a good pair of tweezers to tweeze your brows. Use magnifying mirror and do the task in perfect bright light.

6. Eyebrows slanting upwards make you look angry, so be careful not to take off too much at the outer corners.

7. If you want both top and bottoms to be smooth as much as you can, you can pluck the top and the bottom.

8. Do not over pluck your brows. Plucking with proper care and in limitations is as important as tweezing or plucking.

9. Once plucking is done, apply some good quality gel to remove redness etc. Applying gel will make your eyes calm and finish irritation due to tweezing or plucking.