I love Mister Potato Rice Crisps

Want to have something Crispy that can Satisfy your HUNGER?

Eating rice in a different form!

Try this!
Introducing Rice Crisps by Mister Potato which is made from a secret combination of potatoes and the goodness of rice for a light crispy snack that will satisfy any hunger cravings.

You can even enjoy it on-the-go as it comes in handy aluminum canisters.



Mister Potato

Rice Crisp ???

There is simply no reason why we shouldn't choose Mister Potato Rice Crisp!

The Mister Potato Rice Crisps is a great Party food to have!

I love it for picnic!!!

Here is a video I did with my good buddy, Edison.

Title: Guys fighting over Mister Potato Rice Crisps!

Cast: Ow Yeong Edison & William Tan

Videogragher: Ow Yeong Edison & William Tan

Video Edit: William Tan

There’s no need to act like a madman because

there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere.