To Omy - Three Eggs Steamed Toufu Recipe

In conjunction with 3rd Birthday Celebration, I would like to teach you all here how to cook a simple dish (related to 3 too) which you can cook them at home! I have learn to cook this from my mum!

It is actually the 3 Eggs Steamed Toufu!!!

Very yummy!!

Why iszit call 3 Eggs Steamed Toufu?

This is because there are 3 different type of egg in this dish. They are

1) Century egg

2) Chicken Egg

3) Salted Egg

Ingredients needed:

- 2 chicken egg
- 1 salted egg
- 1 century egg
- 1 spoon of sesame oil
- half spoon of pepper
- 1 packet of toufu for steaming
- Spring onions

Follow the easy steps below:

Crack the eggs into a bowl.

Put the toufu in a bowl.

Smash it.

Untill about like this.

Stir in the salted egg, chicken eggs, pepper & sesame oil.

Stir till even like this.

Pour them into a plate for steaming.

Cut the century egg into small cubes.

Decorate the century egg on top the toufu.

Steam for 15-20minutes.

DONE!!! Add in some spring onion on top to spice up!!!

(Click on image for enlarge view)

Wishing all the best!

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