Singapore World Runway- Winner is UK

Thanks Marco & Issac for the invitation to World Runway @Singapore Indoor Stadium!
It was a great event for fashion and music!!! Me and my group of friends enjoyed the event!!!

I reached there at about 4.30pm and many people were already queuing to get in. The weather was pretty hot and poor me wearing blazer somemore.... I was melting... hahaha... But It was worth going through all this... =)

I personally enjoyed watching the different type of costumes wore by the professional models. I have to really salute to those lady who wore high heel shoes and doing the catwalk. I remembered everytime when a model came out with a very high heel shoes, the audience will "wow" and clapped their hands!

The winner of the World Runway was UK! Congrats!!!

Another highlight of the night was the special guest- Se7en!
Lot of his fans were there to support him too!

Stay tuned to my blog for more photo and video of Se7en!!!