My Tokyo Trip- Day 2 (Asakusa, Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple, Ueno Street, Harajuku, Shibuya)

It was day 2 at Tokyo!!!
And I'm so excited to start off my day as we are going to cover more places!!!
We be covering Asakusa, Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple, Ueno Street, Harajuku and Shibuya.

We had our breakfast at one of the restuarant- Manhattan Table in our hotel!

This was what I took!!!

After breakfast, we walked to Shinjuku Train Station and along the way I saw these vending machine... Such vending machine are very common to see in Tokyo!

Train track...

That was the TRAIN coming!!!

ME and blogger, Darren

This is how the train's interior looked like....

You hardly find rubbish bin in Tokyo and surprisely the streets are still very clean...

Kawaii right!!! ^_^

This was what I saw!!! Those guy must be really fit to do this job!!!

This was the entrance to the Sensoji Temple.

This place seem to be alway flooded with people!

I'm thirsty... =p

This is so CUTE!!!

Fortune cat!!! They are very popular in Singapore too!!!

Snacks to bring back Singapore??? Ya I bought some from here and end up carry them around for the rest of my day... So stupid right... Here is my advise, next time if you go Toyko, can just buy the snacks at the airport when you come back Singapore...

Icecream wafer!!! Yum yum!!!

Cute pouch...

Lot of different colour and types of umbrella to choose from...

Finally reached the temple!!!

People come here to the water fountain...

Wash hands and drink the water for good luck and good health!!!

How can I not try too???

This is the place for you to see your fortune...

I got a GOOD FORTUNE!!! Haha.... >_<



Fruits for you?

Shoes for sale...

Time for lunch!!! This is a cool way to order your food!!!
You just select and pay through this vending machine and then pass the receipt to the man in the store.

The man will cook and serve you at your table... They don't need a cashier in this way!!! So smart!!!

Singapore should have this maybe!!!

This was what I ate! I love the soup of the ramen!!!

Very rich and tasty!!!

This way to get in the Harajuku!!! Yeah!!!

I love the beautiful designed store!!!

I couldn't help taking a picture of this street... It is so Japan!!!

You can see the wire hanging around! This is what you can't see in Singapore!

Me, Jeff and Darren couldn't help it not entering to this shop after walking pass this cake shop... So we went in and took a break, enjoy some lovely cakes and drinks...

Spotted a Japanese guy doing some stunts!!!

See... I do not know what is he trying to do, but he seem to have fun doing it, entertaining the people who walk passed him...

Even at night, the streets looked so beautiful....

Shibuya here we are!!!

Yoshinoya I tried that in Singapore so many times and this time I'm trying it in Tokyo!!!

It is so different from Singapore...

The beef taste more juicy and tender! I love it

After our dinner, we walked around Shibuya for awhile but most shops were already closed and we went back out hotel to have a early rest to prepare for Day 3! Our feet were SUPER TIRED after walking around so much! I still remember the subway station can make you walk till you cry... Cause you really have to walk a lot from one line to another line.

Day 3 will be whole day at Yokohama fo Japan Dance Delight Vol.18!

Stay tuned for my Tokyo- Day 3 blog posting.

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