Thanks F&N for Sponsoring this Tokyo Trip!!!

Finally coming to the last day at Tokyo...
I nearly forgot to write about my last day at Tokyo...

It was really quite sad to leave Tokyo...
Simply because I haven't travel enough and shop enough... Tokyo I will be back again!!!
I love shopping there! The people there are very polite and friendly!
The place is clean and the the food are really delicious!!!

Just before I left this place, I did quite a few camwhore which I haven shared with everyone...
So here are some of the photo... I know I'm vain again... But the background is Tokyo!!!
And I really love this place!!!

Ok enough?

Just one more!!!
Inside the plane at Narita Airport heading back Singapore!!!
Thanks F&N once again for this wonderful trip!!!

For those people who haven't visit Tokyo, please go!!!
You will love it!!! Trust me!!! =)

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  1. Lucky you... Sponsored trip to Tokyo. Ya...holidays are always like that. Very excited and eager to go...and not keen on going back when it ends. Never mind! Look forward to the next one...