My Nikoi Island Trip- Day 1 (Sponsored by Tiger Beer Singapore)

Hi Everyone!!!
Yes today I be sharing my blog post on my Nikoi Island Trip (10 Sept)- Day 1!
Thanks to APB (Asia Pacific Breweries) for the fully paid 3D2N trip and I really enjoyed myself!

It was really good! We got the Emerald class ticket!

The trip was a bonus with Mint, Yongwei, Calvin and Shaun Owyeong!!!
They were invited too!!!

Me & Mint!!!

Yongwei pls dun spoilt the horse...

Boarding the ferry...

Perfect 6- Calvin, Mint, Shaun, myself, Yongwei and Alfred!!!

The ferry reached Bintan!!!

Then we looked out for this guy with this sign stating "Nikoi Island" cause we still need to take another boat to Nikoi Island from Bintan.

Board the bus guys...

Yes we are reaching Nikoi Island, our dream island!!!

Look at the water, so clear!!!

We are welcomed with "Tiger" banner!!!

Nikoi Island's waiter serving us cool watermelon juice!!!

and warm towel... so nice!!!

So relaxing enjoying a cool watermelon juice with nice scenery!!!

Our lunch!!!

Not forgetting to take some fruits!

And cheers everyone!!!

And this is where I stayed!!! Bungalow 6!

This is the 1st time I'm staying in such houses... I think it is really cool!
There is no aircon although... I feel so close to nature and I love it!

You can suntan here... naked if you want!!!! LOL!!!

Going up and take a look at Mint's room!

It is a couple bedroom with queensize bed and a toilet.

Nice spacious toilet! Love the woody feel!

You can enjoy a nice seaview from the room at 2nd floor!

That's where me and Shaun stayed!

A hut for you to relax...

Just before dinner, we played Monopoly Deal and the game is really addictive and we nearly missed our dinner!

card playing

And ya, at our bungalow, we have a cooler box with plenty of Tiger Beer!!!

Dinner everyone!!!


I like my medium rare cooked steak!!!

Cheers for the great gathering!!!


It's party time guys!!! Grab your Tiger beer and drink with us!!!
We had really FREE FLOW Tiger beer everyday!!!

Cheers to Tiger for all the fun we had!!!
And with that I rounded up my post for day 1 and stay tuned for my Day 2 at Nikoi Island!!!

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