Thanks Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore for the Nikoi Island Trip

That day at the Nikoi Island, I picked some seashells thinking I can make something out of it and bring back some sweet memories of Nikoi!!!

Came back Singapore and went to Daiso and bought a few photo frames and superglue.

The seashells...

I realised that I did not have enough seashell and can only glue them this way....

How? Nice?

A nice photo we took together in front of our Villa.

The D.I.Y photo frame were later given to

Mint, Calvin, Shaun, Yongwei and Alfred for souvenir!!!

Hope they like it!!!!

Read more of the trip here!!!

Day 1:

Day 2 (With Fireworks video):

Last Day (With Baby Turtle video) :



  1. The seashells are very nice and leave nice memories about the trip...

  2. Wow Awesome man.. I really liked the design made with shels.. Thanks for this wonderful post..

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