Why I Like Dressing Up?

Why I like dressing up?
I like dressing up because of the following reasons:

- Life is short, and everyone can only be young once, so treasure it, be the best at all time!!!

- I don't want to stand next to my friend and look so underdressed.

- Dressing well boost up self confidence.

- Girls get attracted to properly dressed guys or should I say no one will like talking to someone who dressed very sloppy/ untidy.

- Wear NICE feel NICE!!! Because nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and you tell yourself I LOVE what i wear today.

- I don't want to dress the same everytime and people will think I have no clothes to wear...

- Puting on accessories make a person more style and unique.

- I love mixing and matching my clothes.

Do you know that a watch is a great accessory to what you wear?
Yes!!! A nice watch will actually compliment your dressing too!

What is a watch to you?
To me... a watch is not just a timekeeper these day, but an important accessory in our day to day life. The material, the colour and whether it is digital or analog, the watch that you wear will create a fashion statement of you.

Why do I said so?
Someone who wear a stylish watch will always draws attention of everyone as a person who looks stylish and knows the fashion well. Don't you admire at those people who wear a nice watch? Do they look more COOL with that watch? Yes!

IMPORTANT to find a right watch
I would say that finding the right watch for yourself is important. A watch is a very important accessory that not only display time, your taste, your lifestyle and your individuality. A really stylish watch can become a decisive element of your image.

Together with stylishness, a good watch must feature very high accuracy, because only with an accurate watch you will be always in time cause you don't want to keep your friend waiting or create a bad impression of you as someone who is alwas not puntual for appointment.

Earlier I was playing around with some of my photo and matching with some of the Casio Baby-G watches...

So here is what I have matched!!!

Get the right watch that suit you and feel the change in life now!