Join me this Halloween at CLUB AVATAR!!!

There is a reason to party with friends this coming end of October!!!
Yes!!! It is Halloween Party- an annual party that you and me are waiting for!!!
I'm thirsty for blood now!!! Who else???

Where will you be heading for Halloween party?
Have you heard of this NEW & HOTTEST Club- CLUB AVATAR @Marina Mandarin (Click here for map). Yes you can have a frightfully fun party with friends at CLUB AVATAR on 28 & 29 October 2011!

I'm planning to go on 29th of October, who is going with me? (SMS me if you are, I want to enjoy this party with all of you.)

Free Entry for Ladies, Costume, Special Make Up
Cover Charge: $28 before 12, $38 thereafter. (Inclusive of 2 drinks, and Fiery Gates Horror House Entry)

Don't wanna spend too much on renting a costume?
Yes it's FREE ENTRY for those in costume though... CLUB AVATAR is really thoughtful!!! They're bringing you a team of professional make up artistes just for you to look horried enough (putting a scars, burns, bullet wounds) to scare your friends and get FREE ENTRY too!!!

Scarring - $20 (1 Scar per person)
Full Face - $45 (Inclusive of Horror House Ticket worth $7)

Note: For full face make up, it is best to book in advance for it takes slightly longer to put on. Contact 82281200 for more information now :)

Club Avatar is featuring a Spartan-Greek Odyssey where there will be a short performance to close off their Spartan Story if you are following them on their Facebook Fanpage. So come on in where they bring all the characters from 300 to life.

And what's more? They had also gotten the company that brought Singapore 13 Cells to build a short Horror Passageway to heighten the energy for Halloween Night. Be afraid, be very afraid as you venture into the Hot Gates where dead persians and spartans haunt the valley.

What to look out for?

Yes!!! Finger lights for the guest. Party packs with lots of Halloween props for you to play around during the party. There will also be some SECRET MEMENTOS for everybody to bring home that night. Come and you will find out!!!

Make your reservation or enquries at 90014695 now!!!
Click "Like" at Club Avatar and find out the Halloween Package now!!!