My Nikoi Island Trip- Day 2 (Sponsored by Tiger Beer Singapore)

Day 2 at Nikoi Island!!!
I woke up feeling so excited about what is going to happened for the rest of my day!!!
Yes we had planned to go sun tanning, canoe, swimming, BBQ dinner, DJ beach party and fireworks displaying!!! Thinking about it I'm already so FULL OF ENERGY!!!

Nikoi Island Map

Breakfast menu

I had a big breakfast!!! Cereal and fruit!!!

Omelette, sasauge, bacon and bread!

The drinking place

Sun tanning benches

Thanks to Shawn for taking this photo! I think it is really nice!!!

The sky was a bit dark... but still we gonna go out and play!!!

Nice scenery

Calvin, Mint, Alfred and Shuan

Myself, Calvin, Mint and Shaun


Myself, Shaun, Calvin and Mint

Mint & Calvin chit chatting under the sun!!! So relaxing with the sea breeze!

Calvin, Mint & Shaun Owyeong

Calvin, Shaun Owyeong & myself

Me and Shaun on top!!!

Me and Calvin on top this time!!!

All 3 into the picture!!!

Shaun Owyeong, Mint and Calvin!

This photo you can tell how much fun we had!!!

I wrote this on the shore... "I Love Tiger!"

Calvin and myself jumping with excitement!!!

Beach Volley

Group photo of the organising team for our trip

Jump high now!!!

Sun tanning...

Shaun showing off his handstanding!!! Wow!!! Impressive!!!

Shaun helping to draw a tattoo on Mint's back!
It is actually a Chinese character "Long" meaning Dragon in English!

The done masterart!!!

Our talented Yongwei singing and playing guitar for us!!!
I'm feeling so relaxed....

Lunch place


Lunch time dessert

Nice sitting area to enjoy the sea view!!!

I saw a rock that look like a crocodile head with the mouth wide opening!!! Haha!!!


Shaun doing a video for Tiger Beer!!!


Let's drink!!! Cool!!!

Look at the right side of the photo, there is a man jumping in to disturb!!! Haha!!!

When we are exploring the island, the island people really nice, they showed us the Turtle's nest!!!
He even mentioned that if we are lucky we might get to see turtle eggs hatching!!!
Unfortunately we did not get to see on that day...

The turtle's eggshell...

The sunset was beautiful!!!

Look... So beautiful right... I missed the sunset view...

That's our feet(Calvin, Shaun, Me and Mint)! We are enjoying the sunset view!

I like the rock! So beautiful with the moon!
Like in some Chinese Kungfu Legendary movie.

Love this photo!!! Too bad.... We forgot to bring out some Tiger beer from our villa to drink while enjoying this moment.

The sky getting darker and darker....

Dinner time!!!

Grilled seafood!!!

Can't wait to eat!!!

It is in a buffet style!!! Free flow!!!

That my plate of food!!! Yummy!!!

Ok after dinner it is time for DJ beach party!!!

DJ at the beach!!!

Free flow Tiger Beer!!!

Yongwei drunk!!!



It was Kim's birthday and the people sang "Happy Birthday" song for her!

Birthday Cake!!! I bet this must be the most rememorable day for her!!!

Oh no! They found something big and black on the shore!!!
What is that???

Haha.... Nothing la... It was just a log! Haha...

Ok with that I end my day 2!!! Going back to our villa to relax...

Lastly here is a video of the fireworks that night!!!

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