My Tokyo Trip- Day 4 (Shinjuku & Harajuku Street)

Lumine is owned by JR East and located both next to and above Shinjuku Station's South and East Exits. Lumine is divided into "Lumine 1" and "Lumine 2" on either side of the South Exit and "Lumine Est" (formerly known as "My City") above the East Exit.

I saw that Kiehl's Logo and was so excited to visit the store and have a look!!!

And so this is their Kiehl's Store!!!

They are also celebrating Kiehl's 160th Anniversary in Tokyo, just like Singapore!!!

That's our Kiehl's Mr Bone with the party hat!!!

Top 10 Kiehl's products!!!

Taking a look at the store... It's about the same as what you see in Singapore!!!

Not sure what is this... But it is cute right!!!

I was amazed by the clean & luxury toilet!!!

This toilet seem to have all the equipment you need...

Time to find a place for lunch!!!

I had Chicken Cutlet with rice at one of the restaurant along the street and it tasted GREAT!!!
The auntie was really nice cause she offered me extra veggie and also rice!!!

Ok! Saw that guy in green suit?
It is actually a Green Frog Suit!!!

Guys in trendy wear!!! Do you know where I am now?

Yes this is Takeshita St, near HARAJUKU!!!!

People Mountain People Sea!!! This is the popular street in Tokyo for shopping!!!


Harajuku St- I so missed the place...

100 Yen shop!!! Everything here is 100 Yen!!!

Before we end our last night!!!
We had some drinking session at the pub near our Hotel!!! The guy in black is Jeff and Darren (With hat).


Displaying the things I bought in Tokyo!!! OMG!!!
I can really open a MINI BAZZAR!!!

This are also some of the goodies I bought!!!
But they are all gone in people's stomach now!!!



  1. hi william ! may i ask how much SGD did u bring to Japan? (: