Eat Healthy- Green Bean Soup

October is a bad month for me... kept falling sick...
Now my throat is terrible...
Body too much heat and I need stuff to cool my body down...

So I just went to the Supermarket after seeing the doctor and guess what I bought?
Yes I bought Green Bean!!!

Today I gonna take this opportunity to introduce this chinese tonic soup- Green Bean Soup!
This soup is well known for it cooling properties!

I also learn that the Green Bean Soup is a tonic for acne, rash and other skin problems too. Again, it is attributed to its “Yin” properties, that help to cool the body of heat inflammations and thus it is a healthy soup for everyone!

What you need?
1) A packet of Green Bean (500g)
2) Water (2.5litres)
3) Sugar (6 soup spoons)
4) Pearl Sago (Half packet)
5) Pandan Leaves

You can easily grab them at NTUC supermarket.
I will normally buy a packet of Pearl Sago to cook with the green bean soup too!

How to cook:
1) Wash the green beans in running water

2) Place 500g of Green Beans and 2.5L water in a large pot (cover with lid).
3) Add a few pandan leaves for nice fragrance!
(Lucky my mum grew some of this pandan plants outside my house.)

4) Bring water to boil then reduce heat o simmer.
5) Place rock sugar or normal sugar into the boiling water.
6) Simmer for 60-80 minutes until the beans have expanded out of their skins and are soft & fluffy. Add more water if needed.
7) Add more sugar if desired.

Alright!!! The soup is ready!
You can served it either hot or cold.

Hope you enjoy this simple soup making!!! =)



  1. Yummmm!!!! Nice! Very cooling. Good for the body.

    P.S. Hi! First time here. Dropping by to look-see.

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