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Heineken Green Room is an exclusive community of music aficionados that are at the forefront of the music scene—constantly striving to discover, and create the latest sounds and music experiences. Heineken Green Room events are highly innovative and inspiring, not just in the type of music that is showcased, but also in the choice of artists and their engagement. Known to showcase up-and-coming acts at unique venues, Heineken Green Room events have featured the likes of Thievery Corporation, Peter Kruder, Moderat, Gaslamp Killer, Caribou and Nosaj Thing. This upcoming Heineken Green Room event will be the 20th event of the series , which has run since 2002.

Jamie Woon

Jamie Woon (born March 29, 1983) is a British singer, songwriter and producer. Last October, he released Night Air, a dark, sweet and seductive combination of Jamie’s uniquely supple voice, subtly compulsive beats and a sky full of atmosphere.

Trust me the song is really beautiful!!! Check the video below!!!

Whenever you're stressed, this song will be great for you!!!
I love this song so much after listening to it...

Written with additional production from Burial, a remix from producer Ramadanman, Jamie was featured in November 2010 as The Guardian’s New Band of the Day, and playlisted at Radio 1 four weeks later, while hovering at the top-end of the BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll at the beginning of the year. He has since enjoyed 2 sell-out UK Tours!!! Awesome!!!

Woon's debut album is entitled Mirrorwriting and was released on 18 April 2011 via Polydor Records. This album is just how RnB and soul should sound in 2011.

Different, reinterpreted, electronic and acoustic together. And Woon's voice is not just great but very close and positive. This is the kind of sound you can drive around to, listen when out for your run, or when you want to relax yourself with some good music.

The album really delivered. It's really great to know that there are still young talented artists around who can write songs which have a strong melody and a thoughtful lyric.

Woon describes his music as personal and therapeutic, inviting listeners to decode its messages and meanings. Come this 21st October, you'll have the opportunity to do just that.

Heineken Green Room, Redux: Project Green Room- A by invite only event, Heineken Green Room members are invited to join us as test subjects in our launch experiment to create the future of music, with our most revered prototypes: Jamie Woon and Ikonika!!!

Re-engineers the essence of music and brings it into a new age where machine and man, music and soul are fused together in a new life with a new sound.

This would definitely an event not to be missed!!!

Friday, 21st October 2011
9.30pm onwards


15 Stadium Link S397751

Visit www.hgr.com.sg/redux to find out more now!!!