Last day at Nikoi Island!!! (Sponsored by Tiger Beer)

Waking up!!! Last day at Nikoi Island already!!!

I rememeber I woke up very early that day and went around to snap more photo!!!

Why are we running???

Yes!!! We are informed that the turtle eggs hatched and we can watch them release the turtle to the sea!!!

The guy in blue polo tee is actually the one who look after the baby turtle!!! He was known to be the father of the turtles!!!

This was my first time seeing so many baby turtles in front of me!!!

Look at them!!! So cute right!!!

Releasing them to the sea...

Look at them one by one crawling out... So CUTE!!!

So happy to see them crawling out to the sea!!!

Everyone so happy to see the baby turtles!!!

A closer look at the baby turtle...

Hope they can be strong in the big ocean and grew up healthy and safe!

Watch a video I took:

Mint & Shaun waving goodbye to the baby turtle...

And soon it is our turn to say goodbye to Nikoi Island too...

Goodbye Nikoi Island

Another few glance of Nikoi from the Jetty before we left...

We will miss this place...

While taking the bus ride at Bintan Island to get to the jetty, I asked Mint, Calvin and Shaun to Camwhore with me!!!

Happy faces!!!

Angry faces!!!

Sad faces!!!

Very Happy!!!

Going back Singapore from Bintan Island

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