Singapore- Atelier Royale's Butlers 2011

Have you seen the new faces of the Butlers for Atelier Royale ?

Just like the Maid Cafe, Atelier Royale is a Butler Café (執事喫茶 shitsuji kissa), a themed restaurant with well-dressed male employees in waiter's uniform or even a tuxedo. Girls can visit to the Cafe with their friends and be spoilt like a princess for a day or two by their league of gentlemen.

This year a group of 8 handsome looking guys (mostly are my friends) were specially selected to wait on you and serve a host of delectable light treats and refreshments at your fancy.

Come with your friends and be spoilt like a princess for a day or two by our league of gentlemen, only at AFA 11.

Anime Festival Asia
Suntec City Exhibition Hall 403 & 404
November 11-13, 2011

Scroll down to see who are the Atelier Royale's Bulters for 2011!!!

Ben Wayne as Hikaru (Left) and Jeff Wong as Haru (Right)

Preston Tan as Ren

Yutakis as Yutaki

Jeremy Hellven as Hiroshi

Darren Tyl as Takeshi

Kife Wee as Shou

Nchy Nich as Yuu

Watch the Video Introduction here:

It was sure not easy filming this video... Take courage to do all this in front the camera...
I think they did pretty well with the Jap!!!

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  1. didn't realized u blog for us! thanks yo!!! ^^

  2. i feel like a stalker...!

  3. Ya... Didn't manage to go down that day to support.. How was it?