Legendary Amazons staring Richie Ren & Cecilia Cheung

I'm so looking forward for this movie!!!
I love watching the drama when I was young and hope the movie will be as good too!!!

I really admire the Yang family women generals for their spirit at war.
Somemore Richie Chen ,Cecilia Cheung and Chen Pei Pei will be staring in the movie!!!

Release Date: 17th November 2011
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Action
Director: Frankie Chan
Cast: Richie Ren, Cecilia Cheung

Overview: During the Northern Song Dynasty, the emperor neglects the political affairs, hence rolling border war. The war created times of hardship for the Xia country. Enemies invaded into Song's territory forcefully, allegedly attempted to intrude to the country. The Yang family were slaughtered. Mu Guiying, the wife of Yang Zongbao tolerate the pain of bereavement, leads a congregation of Yang's widow and lead them to a battle of war...

Legendary Amazon is a Frankie Chan's film about the real life story of the Yang family women generals, who took up fighting after the men in their family were slaughtered. It is a retelling of the same story from the Shaw Brothers "classic 14 Amazons" and a 1960 film "Women Generals of the Yang Family".

Expanding the parameters of the genre and boasting a stellar cast includes Cheng Pei Pei, Cecilia Cheung, Richie Jen and other stars to join the three places in the front-line film.