Da' Street Soulz at Japan Dance Delight Vol.19

Congrats to Da' Street Soulz once again for being the Champion for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 and they will be representing Singapore to challenge in Japan Dance Delight Vol.19 (26 Aug 2012) !

Let us hear what they have to say before the competition this Sunday.

1. As the competition date drawing nearer, what are your feelings?
We are feeling excited and looking forward to share the same stage with other awesome teams.

2. How was the preparation till date? Tell us a bit more on how often you guys been practicing.
We practice weekdays after our work and also Sunday from afternoon till nights.

One of our members have an injured ankle, and she is in midst of recovering. But we are very sure that we will be able to practice full force tonight!

3. What are some of the things that you guys look forward for this Japan trip as we know Japan is popular for its food (Sushi, Sashimi & Ramen) and fashion?
Its the first time that we go Tokyo for some of us. So we definitely look forward to the shopping too! (laugh)

4. Do you have anything to say to your beloved family, friends and fans?
Dear family, friends and fans, the 4 of us will definitely do our best. Even though we know most of you cant be there physically to show your support. But we deeply know that you will be rooting and praying for us! We haven had much time to spend with our family and friends during this period, but we will definitely be catching up on such times after our return.

More info of Japan Dance Delight Vol.19, click here.



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