Megamint rocked the stage in Osaka- Japan Dance Delight Vol.20!!!

  Megamint rocked the stage in Osaka- Japan Dance Delight Vol.20!!!
Although they did not came in 1st, they are the top 40 finalists and they had did Singapore proud I feel.

On 1 Sept 2013, our Singapore’s duo crew, Megamint – 23-years-old Amin Alifin Bin Aliaswon and 27-years-old Magdalene Koh who won in the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.4 happened earlier this year, represented ASEAN at the world finals of Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20, which was held in Osaka. 

Japan Dance Delight, one of the biggest international street dance competition participated by cities including France, New York, Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore, is a major street dance competition held annually since 1994 in Japan. There were altogether 40 teams on that day competing at Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium  for the title of No. 1 in the world!

Some photo of Megamint doing their practice at studio A-sh in Osaka before the actual competition.

Practicing really hard to give their best shot on stage for the audience and the judges.

One thing I really admired Megamint was the great coordination between both of them. 
And for a good dance performance, both of them need to have chemistry so that you can engage the audience. Yes,  I can see that happening in them. Great connection between both of them.

The trust in each other is important. This will boost the confidence level in the dance performance.

And here I am at the entrance of Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium.
It was raining on the actual day of the competition.

The rain did not stop the audience from coming for this great event.

A photo of Megamint before the competition- Japan Dance Delight Vol.20!!!

It was really a great turnout for Japan Dance Delight Vol.20 held at Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium.

 That's Megamint on stage!!!!
Good job guys! You did well!
It was a stunning performance and I guess a lot of audience will amazed like me.
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You guys really rocked the stage!

How do you feel after taking part in 
Japan Dance Delight Vol.20?
Mag: The experience was very heartwarming. Never have I performed to such an enormous crowd in an event. The feeling on stage was very surreal and that moment itself will always remind me of my love for dance.

Of all I was extremely moved by the Japanese Dancers ; their hardwork and conviction, its something that We singaporean dancers can work on. Overall it has been a very fruitful eye opening experience.

Amin: Still felt like a huge blessing from above. Although there's no 'official' award, I felt that we've already won a few hearts from the audience in Osaka, and that few people matters a lot to us! The feeling is still surreal especially after the competition when there were so many positive and encouraging feedback! It made me realized why I love dance in the first place- to make people happy.

Anything to say to your supporters, friends and family?
Mag: To friends and supporters: Thank you for believing in us and constantly reaffirming us through this journey . We hope we did u guys proud:)

Amin: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and supporters in Singapore who have been extremely supportive and consistently believing in our capabilities! Their words of encouragement meant so much and I appreciate every kind support everyone gave even though they all knew we didn't managed to clinch anything.