Try Passion Goat's Milk Bath today!!!

Hi guys!
For those who know me well, I always like to share good stuffs with my friends and readers.
So here is something that I would like to educate or rather share with everyone!!!

Recently I got introduce to try Passion Goat's Milk Bath and I did some research and found out that Goat's Milk have got lots of benefits to our skin!!! This is something I do not know even living for 30 years. Ya I am 30 year old already. Well it is never too late to know this. As long as I start using them from NOW!!! Hahaha... 

Benefits of Goat's Milk In Body Products 
-Goat's Milk has the closest pH to human skin.  
- Goat's Milk contains lactic acid which helps smooth skin by exfoliation 
- Goat's Milk contains vitamins that help protect the skin and provide strength and suppleness 
- Goat's Milk provides restorative proteins and minerals to the skin 
- Goat's Milk is gentle, even on sensitive skin 
- Goat's Milk provides relief from skin issues including eczema and psoriasis 
- Goat's Milk contains Alpha-hydroxy acids whick break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together. Alpha-hydroxy acid is well known for softening and rejuvenating skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Introducing Passion Goat's Milk Bath, they have altogether 5 different combination of extracts to pamper your skin with different benefits! 

-Reishi Extract

-Brown Rice Nutrients

-Tsubaki Extracts

 -Collagen & Anti- Aging

 -Lavender Extracts

UV Protection is IMPORTANT to our skin
Another thing I like of Passion Goat's Milk Bath products is because they all comes with UV protection too! 
Well this is my 1st time seeing bath products with UV protection! UV protection is very important in our daily lives. It is one of the thing that would helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Asian skin are prone to pigmentation problems that can be caused by UV exposure. Sun damaged skin will show up in pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Studies had showed that Asian skin is more likely to suffer from pigmentation problems and it is also more noticeable in your skin. So if you love your skin, you need to be vigilance earlier in life to guard against future skin damage and skin cancer. Choose the right product and start protect your skin.

Time to shower with Passion Goat's Milk Bath!!! 
Loving my foamy bath more than before!!!

Passion Goat Milk Bath is available at NTUC/WATSONS/ SHENG SIONG/MUSTAFA

RSP: $6.90 

Introduction offer: $5.90



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