A Delectable Assortment of Festive Favorites at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Share the love and joy this festive season as Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium takes your taste bud back to your favorites and introduce some innovative new creations.

Make our heartwarming roasts the centerpiece of your Christmas Table. Bringing together traditional favorites and adding inventive flavor combinations, Head Chef Wong Fook Hoi has created our delectable new roast turkey with chestnut stuffing and introduced a twist of gingerbread spice with macadamia nuts (priced at $120.)

Roast leg of lamb (priced at $135) takes on a whole new meaning as it is paired with Raan Spice and
Mint Chutney, bringing a new taste to festive dining.

Looking for somehting unique? Wy not make the season your own. Dine at Melting Pot Cafe's Christmas buffet to enjoy the succulent Pan-seared Scallop's on Fennel with a hint of Pernod Cream.

Set the scene for a traditional holiday with a Christmas Yule Log (priced at $75). Enjoy the comfort and tradition that they bring. Nothing says more about Christmas than a Traditional Yule Log.

Wine, dine and be merry this season as you feast on a selection of roasts and festive dishes at Melting Pot Cafe. It's time for the classic Christmas celebration. Bring home the flavors of the season as you spend time with family and friends in the comfort of your home. Reservations and orders may be made simply by calling Melting Pot Cafe at 67317172 or emailing meltingpot.sinhi@ihg.com.

For our menus and lots more hint and tips on how to make this season extra special- follow us on  Facebook and Pinterest. At Holiday Inn, we just want you to stay Jolly!