Invitation to Mr Style King Luwak Coffee Appreciation Workshop (7 Dec 2013)

Have you all tried Luwak Coffee?
It is the most expensive coffee on earth!

That's a Civet Cat. Luwak Coffee are made from beans 
that are extracted from the excrement of  the civet cat. 

The civet cat eats the coffee cherries, digests them 
and then the beans are extracted, cleaned and roasted.

And made into Kopi Luwak....
The civets’ digestive systems gave kopi luwak a uniquely rich aroma and smooth, rounded flavor which is why so many coffee lovers wouldn't mind paying more for such coffee.

MSK by Mr Style King Luwak Coffee is officially launching in Singapore on 7 December 2013 (Sat) through a Coffee Appreciation Workshop. I will be there for the workshop to know more about Luwak coffee. 

This is a sure a rare opportunity to see how the bean are roasted and try Luwak Coffee too!  I also heard they are offering Luwak Coffee at the best and affordable price in Singapore too! So don't miss this chance to check out MSK by Mr Style King Luwak Coffee!

 You are invited to
MSK by Mr Style King Luwak Coffee Appreciation Workshop 

 Saturday, 7 December 2013 

From 11am to 1pm 

16, Arumugam Road, Off Paya Lebar Road, Lion Building Block D, #05-01, Singapore 409961 

Registration Fee: 
$30 but FREE for readers of

 Beside Luwak coffee tasting, there will be some light food and refreshments provided during this workshop. Plus there will also be an exclusive LIVE Luwak coffee roasting demonstration by a Coffee Roaster. 


Kindly RSVP your attendance with me ( by 31 November 2013, 12 noon. Please indicate your full name, contact number, and also tell us how much of a coffee lover you really are.

 As registration is only limited to the first 40 people, and on a first come first serve basis. Successful applicant will be notified through email.



  1. For people who can't afford this ultimate coffee are given discounts about 20% on CLuwak. Thank you for the article about Kopi Luwak information.

    Finn Felton

  2. Tasted like pee although I have not tried this brand. The one I tried was bought directly from Indonesia. Was told that this brand had deleted the comment that their sources of civet cats are cage-free. Why the deletion? Was it a lie?