Get REWARDED for what you love to do with INFLUR today!

It was a great turnout at the #influratwork event on 20th March 2014.
The event was supported by Singapore Marriott Hotel & LANEIGE.

Thanks Alvin, the Team from Influr, Singapore Marriott Hotel and LANEIGE for having us!

For the men who attended the event, we also received 
an awesome product- Laneige Homme Brightening Powder Mist (for men).

I really LOVE THIS!
And because I have oily skin and this spray mist with sebum-absorbing powder will help in removing excess shine and dullness.

Simply use this at the last step of grooming before going out or carry wherever you go to use as needed cause the design of the bottle is so handy and can easily bring around in your bag. 

How to Use:
 Shake gently to spray onto face when your skin feels shiny or dry. Use 2-3 times from a 20-30cm distance with your eyes closed.

I believer same for many of us who were at the event.
It was indeed a beautiful place!

Me and Maybeline ( could not resist not to have some photo.
We look like couple in this shot! Opps....
We had fun at the event!


all about?

Have you ever thought by doing what you love and GET REWARDED?
Because great talents like yourself deserve to be rewarded.

I believe you create and share content right?
And when your friend or followers applaud you with actions on social media, you get motivated to do better. and influr is here just to make it even BETTER for YOU!

They actually turn that applause into actual rewards, because to create the best, you need to feel the best. 

Your CREATIVITY need to be heard.
influr will actually measure your ability to get a reaction from your friends and followers. 
And this ability is your influence.

How to get started in this?
Simply head over to and follow the simple 4 steps.

Well I hope you find this piece of information useful to you and beneficial to you!!!
Because good stuff are meant to be shared!!!

The bloggers enjoying themselves at the event and the happy faces of everyone, 
feeling excited about influr and what influr can do for everyone!

Hp, Maybeline and myself

Jessie and myself

June, Maybeline and myself

The Ninjagirls and William

Sheron and myself

Hp, Sheron and myself

Myself, Shanice, Thiang, Hp, Kelvin

Ending my blogpost here with our #OscarSelfie Moment taken at the #influratwork event!

For more information and updates, do check out influr website
and their Facebook at

Have fun INFLUR-ING!