Hooked to Mcdonald Tangy Fillet-O-Fish Burger!

Hooked on Mcdonald's Tangy Fillet-O-Fish Burger?

I know the burger had been out for awhile...
Ya the other day, I was meeting my client at Chinatown area and only have a short timig for lunch. Well the fastest and easiest food I can thought of is Mcdonald (Chinatown outlet). 

I was so hungry that day and ordered a UPSIZED Tangy Fillet-O-Fish meal.

Same like the normal Fillet-O-Fish burger, there is White Fish Fillet, slice of cheese, lettuce but with a new sauce. It is spicy mayo-based sauce! 

I'm so hooked to the Mcdonald new burger!!!

Try it today if you haven't!

Check out their facebook for more info: