Proud to be Ambassador for N.E.mation! 9!

Thanks N.E.mation! for choosing me as the Ambassador for N.E.mation! 9!
It is my honor to be part of N.E.mation again!


So what is N.E.mation?
N.E.mation! is a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation. Encouraged by the success of the five TD animation clips featured in the National Day Rally in 2006, Nexus organised N.E.mation!

N.E.mation! 8 is BACK AGAIN!
6 Sep 2014- 100 shortlisted teams undergo a one-day training workshop.
8 Sep 2014- 100 shortlisted teams to pitch their story ideas to judges. Top 40 teams were selected.
9 Sep 2014- Top 40 teams to undergo a story clinic to improve their story and pitch their improved story idea to judges. Top 20 teams were selected.
10 Sep to 12 Sep 2014-Top 20 teams to undergo animation and story-boarding training workshop.
13 Sep 2014- Super Pitch by Top 20 teams. Top 10 finalist teams were selected.
Oct/Nov 2014- Top 10 finalist teams attends pre-animation production activities and workshops
17 Nov to 5 Dec 2014- Production Phase: 10 finalist teams to produce their animation clips with training and mentorship by Animagine.

Here are the Top 10 teams that have work hard to bring their stories to life.

Please support this 2 teams!!!

IDK (#NE9C07)

Team Members: 
- Chelsia Low 
- Clarine See 
- Ong Zi Fang 
- Valeska Tan

Check out their progress as they blog, tweet and instagram their happenings here!

JJKN69 (#NE9C08)

Team Members: 
- Jeanine Ong 
Jolene Loh 
- Nurul Khalisah 
- Nikki Koh

Check out their progress as they blog, tweet and instagram their happenings here!

Stay tuned for updates on when you be able to vote for them! 
Clips from the past seasons can be viewed here:

To find out more about N.E.mation! 9 click here: